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Lascar SP 400-EB-R

3 1/2-Digit LCD Panel Voltmeter Module, Red LED Backlight

Brand: Lascar
Model No: SP 400-EB-R
Our Model No: SP400EBR
Condition: NEW
PDF Document Icon Data Sheet (1.36 MB)
SP 400-EB-R

Replaced By:

  • Digital readout in Red LED backlighting
  • 3 1/2 Digit LCD Voltmeter
  • Enhanced Black LCD
  • 200 mV Full Scale Reading
  • 9 Pin SIL Connection

The Lascar SP 400-EB-R features an enhanced black LCD and 200 mV DC measurement range with auto-zero and auto-polarity and seven different colour options for the backlight. Decimal points are user selectable. The SP400EBR features a negative rail generator which enables the meter to measure a signal referenced to its own power supply GND.

Enhanced contrast negative mode LCD with white LED backlighting ensures excellent readability under all light conditions. The module is easily fitted into the panel, using the fixing clip provided. The module's low cost means it will suit high and low volume applications. The design of the panel meter's housing ensures splash proofing using the supplied seal. The Lascar SP 400-EB-R has red LED backlighting.

Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(1.36 MB)
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