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Lascar SGD 43-A

4.3" Multifunction Display with Capacitive Touch Screen, PanelPilotACE

Brand: Lascar
Model No: SGD 43-A
Our Model No: SGD43A
Condition: NEW
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SGD 43-A
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  • 4.3 inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Low-profile panel mount module
  • 4 x 16-bit analog inputs
  • 8 x digital I/O pins
  • 2 x alarm outputs & 4 x PWM outputs
  • Free PanelPilotACE Design Studio Software
  • Memory: 1 Gbit DDR2 SDRAM and 2GB SD card
  • Analog Inputs: 4 x +/-40 V or 4 - 20 mA (16-bit ADC with 0.05 % +/- 1 mV typical accuracy for measurement ranges up to +/-10 V)

The Lascar SGD 43-A is the first in a range of PanelPilotACE compatible displays and panel meters. The low-profile display features a 4.3 inch capacitive touch-screen and a Cortex ARM 9 processor running embedded Linux. The display for the SGD43A can be powered from either USB or a 5 to 30 V DC supply and offers users a wealth of hardware interfaces which include four 16bit bi-polar analogue inputs (to a maximum of +/-40 V DC), eight digital input/output pins, two alarm outputs (maximum current sink 10 mA) and four PWM outputs. It also includes the free PanelPilotACE Design Studio Software.

The design software provides a number of building blocks which allow users to drag-and-drop elements onto the screen to quickly create advanced user interfaces. From background images to text elements, analogue style meters, touch-screen navigation elements and even complex logic statements, users can build up multi-screen interfaces without needing to write a line of code. There is a library of pre-defined elements such as meters, buttons and switches, and users can create their own content by combining elements or importing graphics in a number of formats (including jpg, png, tif, bmp and gif). The software includes support for transparency and multiple-layers.

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CABLE USB A-MF Lascar CABLE USB A-MF USB Cable for PanelPilot and EL-USB-1-RCG, Type A to Mini B Add to Cart
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