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Keithley KPCI-3103A

Low Gain Multifunction Module, 12-Bit/400kS/s

Brand: Keithley
Model No: KPCI-3103A
Our Model No: KPCI3103A
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 12-bit resolution
  • Throughput of up to 400kS/s
  • Digital I/O scanning speeds of up to 3 MHz
  • 8 differential analog inputs
  • 4 counter/timers
  • Low gain (1, 2, 4, 8)
  • Pre-, post-, and about-triggering
  • 1024-location channel-gain queue
  • 32-bit DriverLINX drivers plus a suite of bundled software including ExceLINX, VisualSCOPE and LabVIEW drivers
  • Not supported in Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

The Keithley KPCI-3103A 12-Bit/400kS/s Low-Gain Multifunction Board provides strong performance at an extremely affordable price. Fully loaded, it is an attractive one-stop solution, providing everything you need on a single, low-cost board.

Analog Inputs

The analog inputs are software configurable for single-ended or differential inputs, and bipolar or unipolar input ranges. An Amp Low connection allows single-ended inputs to be referenced to a common point other than ground to provide 16 pseudo-differential inputs. For added flexibility, a 1024-location channel-gain queue allows you to sample non-sequential channels and channels with different gains.

The Calibration utility allows both manual and automatic software calibrations.

Analog Input Acquisition Modes

These KPCI-3103A can acquire a single value from any channel, or a number of samples from multiple channels. To acquire data from multiple channels, the boards provide two scan modes: continuously paced and triggered. Both scan modes can be paced using an internal or an external clock.

The KPCI-3103A provides several triggering modes, including pre-trigger, post-trigger, and about-trigger modes:

Pre-trigger mode allows acquisition to occur until an external trigger occurs.

Post-trigger is the standard acquisition mode; acquisition begins after an internal or external trigger event and continues until an end condition occurs or the specified number of samples are collected.

About-trigger mode allows acquisition to occur both before and after an external trigger.

Digital I/O

The KPCI-3103A features 23 digital I/O lines. These lines are divided into two 8-bit ports and one 7-bit port. The ports are inputs by default, but can be software-configured for output. When used as outputs, they have sufficient capability to drive external solid-state relay modules (12mA sink and 15mA source).

The status of Ports A and B can be read at the rate of the analog input subsystem by including this special combined 16-bit digital channel in the analog input channel/gain list. When this 16-bit digital channel is the only channel in the channel/gain list, the rate can be increased to 3 MHz.

The seven bits of Port C can be written to at the speed of an analog input task that makes use of a channel/gain list. Up to 1024 unique values can be written to the 7-bit port per analog input scan. The rate of the updates to Port C is limited to the speed of the analog input task.


The KPCI-3103A provides four 16-bit counter/timers. Uses include counting events, creating a one-shot or frequency output, and measuring frequency input. They can also be used to set the duty cycle, frequency, and output polarity of the output pulse.

These counter/timers can be cascaded. Cascade two counter/timers internally, via software.

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