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Keithley 7153

4x5 High Voltage Low Current Matrix Module for Models 7001 and 7002

Brand: Keithley
Model No: 7153
Our Model No: 7153
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 1300V switching
  • Sub-pA offset current
  • 2-pole switching
  • Mass termination connectors
  • For use with Models 7001 and 7002

The Keithley 7153 4x5 High-Voltage Low-Current Matrix Card is designed to switch low level, high voltage, and high impedance signals for applications such as parametric tests on semiconductor devices. The 7153 allows signal levels up to 1300V while maintaining offset current of less than 1pA (typically 10fA) and path isolation >1013W. Each crosspoint is a 2-pole relay to switch both signal and guard. Interconnect between the matrix and instruments such as the 237 SMU is done with the 7153-TRX cable. This cable has an M-series connector for the matrix and five 3-slot male triax connectors at the opposite end. The cable will mate with the row or column connectors of the 7153.

Gold Plans
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7153-3Y-EW-STD Keithley 7153-3Y-EW-STD 3-Year Calibration Contract for Model 7153 Add to Cart


7153-5Y-EW-STD Keithley 7153-5Y-EW-STD 5-Year Calibration Contract for Model 7153 Add to Cart


7153-EW Keithley 7153-EW 1-Year Factory Warranty for Model 7153 Add to Cart


Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(147 KB)
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