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Keithley 2700/7700

DMM/Data Acquisition/Datalogging System with 2-Slot Systems Switch/GPIB and RS-232 Interfaces/7700 Module (20 Channels)

Brand: Keithley
Model No: 2700/7700
Our Model No: 27007700
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:


  • 2 slots
  • Combines functions of DMM, switch system, and datalogger
  • True 6 1/2-digit (22-bit) resolution
  • Choice of 12 switch/control plug-in modules
  • Up to 200 differential input channels (with 300V isolation) for measurement and control
  • Convenient front panel inputs
  • TestPoint-based start-up software
  • Free LabVIEW, LabWindows/ CVI, Visual Basic, C/C++, and TestPoint drivers (IVI style)
  • Ethernet, GPIB, RS-232 communications capabilities
  • Optional ExceLINX-1A datalogging software


  • 20-channel differential multiplexer module
  • Automatic CJC and screw terminals
  • Built-in measurement functions:
  • Resistance (2- or 4-wire, offset compensation selectable)
  • Dry circuit ohms (20mV clamp) 2750 only
  • Temperature (with thermocouples, RTDs, or thermistors)
  • Frequency/Period
  • Continuity


  • Production test of electronic products and devices
  • Accelerated stress testing (AST)
  • Process monitor and control
  • Device characterization/R&D
  • Low ohms, multichannel measurements

The Keithley 2700/7700 Digital Multimeter Data Acquisition Datalogging System w/2 Slots & 7700 20-Channel Differential Multiplexer Module combines precision measurement, switching, and control in a single, tightly integrated enclosure for either rack-mounted, or for benchtop applications. This cost-effective, high-performance test platform offers an affordable alternative to separate DMMs and switch systems, dataloggers/recorders, plug-in card data acquisition equipment, and VXI/PXI systems. The Integra Series plug-in switching and control modules offer unmatched flexibility and testing efficiency for a wide range of industries and applications. System builders can create test solutions with a combination of channel count, cost per channel, and system performance unmatched by any other, single-box measurement system. The input modules provide the flexibility to vary the channel count from 20 to 200 (2-pole), apply a stimulus to the device under test, route signals, control system components, and make precision measurements with up to 14 functions. Robust digital I/O capabilities can be used for triggering, handshaking with other automation equipment, and alarm limit outputs. Scan rates of up to 500 channels/second (up to 3500 readings/second on a single channel) will increase test productivity.

Fast Setup and Operation

The 2700/7700 is a fully-integrated, off-the-shelf measurement and control system. Its DMM-like interface makes it easy for users to collect data and/or perform troubleshooting within minutes of installation and startup. Once sensor or DUT leads are hooked to the instrument's input, use the front panel controls to select the measurement function, range, filtering, scaling, trigger source, scanning sequence, alarms, and more. The TestPoint runtime start-up software makes it easy to configure and use the system in a graphical "point-and-click" environment. This gives developers the basic tools necessary to create a simple application without writing program code.

The Advantage of Integrated Design

The 2700/7700 offers a variety of advantages over existing solutions for ATE and data acquisition applications. For example, its flexible modular architecture and integrated measurement, switching, and control capabilities save rack space by reducing the number of separate instruments needed. This design also simplifies expanding the system as the number of channels grows, or it can be re-purposed as new test requirements evolve. Integrated signal conditioning, scaling, stimulus, filtering and I/O capabilities eliminate the need for external circuitry when designing and building data acquisition systems. The 2700/7700 provides accuracy and repeatability superior to plugin data acquisition boards, while providing faster test times than typical DMM/switch systems. This makes it possible to combine higher test yields with higher test throughput.

Software Solutions

Whether the task calls for a simple start-up package to acquire several channels of data or the tools to create a fully custom acquisition and analysis solution, Keithley has the software needed to get the most performance from a 2700/7700 Logging System with a broad range of software solutions. This makes it easy to get applications "up & running" quickly and economically.

  • 1 - Multimeter/Data Acquisition/Switch System w/2 Slots
  • 1 - 20-Channel Differential Multiplexer Module w/Automatic CJC/Screw Terminals (7700)
  • 1 - TestPoint Runtime Start-Up Software
  • 1 - LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, C/C++, and TestPoint Drivers
  • 1 - User Manual
  • 1 - Safety Test Leads (1751)
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Gold Plans
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2700-3Y-EW Keithley 2700-3Y-EW 3-Year Factory Warranty Extension for Model 2700 Add to Cart


2700-5YR-EW Keithley 2700-5YR-EW 5-Year Factory Warranty Extension for Model 2700 Add to Cart


2700-EW Keithley 2700-EW 1-Year Factory Warranty for Model 2700 Add to Cart


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