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Keithley DAQ6510

Data Acquisition and Logging Multimeter System

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Brand: Keithley
Model No: DAQ6510
Our Model No: DAQ6510
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Large, 5-inch (12.7 cm) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with graphical display
  • 2-year specified, full featured, traceable 6 1/2-digit multimeter with 0.0025% DCV (1 V, 10 V ranges) basic accuracy
  • Standard LAN/LXI and USB-TMC communication interfaces
  • Optional interfaces: GPIB, RS-232 and TSP-Link Technology
  • 12 different switch, RF, and control modules to connect to as many as 80 DUTs in one test setup
  • Up to 80 2-pole channels of thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor temperature measurements
  • Scanning speeds as high as 800 channels/second with the solid state relay module
  • Front panel jacks for stand-alone DMM operation
  • KickStart coding-free instrument control software with data acquisition and logging application

The Keithley DAQ6510 Keithley DAQ6510 Data Acquisition and Logging Multimeter System is a precision data acquisition and logging system that creates a new level of simplicity compared with the often complicated configuration and control found in many stand-alone solutions. A large 5-inch (12.7 cm) multi-touch display will guide users through set-up, data visualization, and analysis, removing the necessity of a PC and custom software for many applications. If you prefer or require a PC, a complement of IVI and Labview drivers and the Keithley KickStart Instrument Control Software are available to help with any application.

Using Keithley's newest 6 1/2-digit multimeter technology, you will find even greater accuracy, functionality, and speed. Two-year accuracy specifications are included, so you can be assured your critical measurements remain accurate and fully traceable.

With 12 plug-in switching and control modules available and two module slots, you can build a test system that can measure or control up to 80 devices-under-test (DUTs) in a multiplexing configuration. With two 6x8 matrix modules and a total of 96 crosspoints, the DAQ6510 can test one or multiple ICs. For high volume production testing, select a solid state multiplexer module to maximize throughput with 800 channels/s scanning speed and minimize downtime compared with fixed life, electro-mechanical relays. A number of modules have cold junction compensation, temperature references for thermocouple temperature monitoring of devices during environmental testing, and HALT and HASS accelerated life testing. Even switch signals from wireless devices with RF modules having a maximum switching frequency of 3.5 GHz.

Visualize, Execute, and Debug Your Test Setup in Minutes

Build a test sequence and define the required measurements from one setup screen. First, select the channels that will be used. Next, assign a measurementfunction to a channel or a group of channels. Then define both the time interval between measurements and scans if multiple scans are required. That is the minimum set of parameters needed to run a test. There are additional optional parameters to adjust the measurements and the switching to meet a specific application. One option eases the identification of channels by allowing the creation of a name for each channel. Do all this from two menus and see - on one screen - how each channel is configured. The touchscreen, graphic display shows the channel setup and the measurement programmed for each channel.

To test channels during setup, manually close channels on the setup screen. The measurement on that channel is displayed next to the closed channel. Thus, channel performance can be verified during set up or debugged if the measurement is out of the expected range before the test is executed.

Maximize the Range of Tests with an Extensive Array of Plug-In Switch Modules

Build a Keithley DAQ6510 test system with a selection of 12 plug-in switch modules with a wide range of functionality. Select from high-density, 40-channel multiplexer modules, a 6x8 matrix module, and multiplexer modules with digital I/O and analog output. Also select a control module and two RF modules with 2 GHz and 3.5 GHz bandwidths. Thus, the DAQ6510 with its 12 switch modules provides an extensive range of flexibility to build a wide range of data acquisition or test systems.

Channels can be configured for any DMM measurement. For example, measure the temperature of devices in an environmental chamber with thermocouples using the plug-in switch modules that have automatic cold reference junction compensation for thermocouple measurements. Measure up to 80 devices with two switch modules. Also measure other parameters in addition to temperature. The low frequency, multiple pole switch modules can allow measurement of voltage, 2-wire- and 4-wire resistance, and frequency. In addition, two modules have current measurement channels.

Test a Wide Range of Devices and Components with 6 1/2-digit DMM High Performance Measurements

Make your measurements with instrument-grade quality. The DAQ6510 is a fully-featured 61/2-digit DMM. The chart below shows all of the DAQ6510's 15 measurement functions and ranges. All these measurement functions can be used with the various plug-in switch modules. Furthermore, a channel can be programmed for enhanced measurement features to address requirements for tighter tolerance or higher speed. For maximum accuracy, measurements can be filtered and integrated over a range of time intervals. Low resistance readings can be improved with a thermal offset compensation measurement technique. The DAQ6510 excels in low resistance measurement with 1 μOhm sensitivity.

For maximizing measurement speed, make measurements as short as 0.0005 power line cycles (PLCs) or 8.3 μs for 60 Hz power lines (10 μs for 50 Hz power lines). To analyze transient signals, use the DAQ6510's digitizing function to sample a voltage or current waveform at up to 1M sample/s.

Monitor Any Temperature Range and Select Optimal Accuracy Using a Wide Range of Temperature Sensors

The Keithley DAQ6510 can process signals from any of eight thermocouple types to test over an extreme range of temperatures, -200°C to 1820°C. For more accurate temperature readings over a more narrow temperature range, the DAQ6510 can measure temperature from -80°C to 150°C with a 2-year accuracy of 0.08°C using 2.5 kOhm, 5 kOhm, and 10 kOhm thermistors. Alternatively, the DAQ6510 can measure temperature between -200°C and 850°C using resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) with 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire configurations. Using a 4-wire RTD, temperature can be measured with with an excellent 2-year accuracy of 0.06°C.

Quickly and easily monitor the status of a test using the DAQ6510 scan status screen Click for larger image

DAQ6510 Scan Status Screen

Save Valuable Time with Continuous Monitoring of Scan Test Status

Never lose time with a test in which a problem such as a broken wire, a mis-wired connection, or a defective DUT can invalidate days of data. Use the scan status, swipe screen to continuously monitor channels. The status screen shows the percentage of the test that has been completed, the number of scans that have been completed, measurements on channels selected for monitoring, and whether any measurements are out of range. A quick view of the display can give an indication of the status of the test at any time during the test. In addition to an indication of measurements in an overflow condition, limit settings can be programmed for any channel. The Status screen will display an out-of-limit indication when any channel's measurement is outside the channel's limit settings.

Graphically view data during or at the end of a test; display up to 20 channels on one plot Click for larger image

Graphically View Data

Maintain an Automated Test while Interacting with the Instrument

Need to perform a quick check to ensure there are no problems with the measurements that the DAQ6510 is taking? Want to review the trend of the data? The Keithley DAQ6510 can be operated from the front panel while a test is in progress. Data can be viewed in a table or displayed on a plot without interrupting an automated scan sequence.

Select how you want to store data in the Scan menu Click for larger image

Scan Menu

Never Lose Data and Test Time

Data can be stored to an external USB memory stick to prevent data loss in the event of interruption of line power. The DAQ6510 also has an option to automatically restart scanning after a power interruption. If main power is lost, the Keithley DAQ6510 will re-start the scan when the power is restored. The new data will be stored in a separate data buffer with time-stamped measured data so that the lost time due to the power failure can be noted. Of most importance, there is no lost test time due to the instrument sitting idle following a power outage.

Choose to automatically restart a test after a power loss Click for larger image

Automatically Restart Tests

Save Test Time in Automated Test Systems

To maximize throughput and minimize total test time, use the reed relay or the solid state relay multiplexer module to achieve scanning speeds up to 800 channels/s. Also save test time by reducing communication with the test controller. The DAQ6510 has the built-in intelligence to execute a test script, make decisions, and control other instruments. The DAQ6510 has Keithley's Test Script Processor (TSP) measurement and control language that the user can use to either execute existing scripts or write custom scripts to run tests. TSP scripting allows running powerful test scripts directly on the instrument, without the need for an external PC controller. These test scripts are complete test programs based on an easy-to-use yet highly efficient and compact scripting language, LUA ( Scripts are a collection of instrument control commands and/or program statements. Program statements control script execution and provide facilities such as variables, functions, branching, and loop control. This allows you to create powerful measurement applications without an integrated development environment (IDE). Test scripts can contain any sequence of routines that are executable by conventional programming languages (including decision-making algorithms), so the instrument can manage every facet of the test without the need to communicate with a PC for decision making. This eliminates delays due to GPIB, Ethernet, or USB traffic congestion and greatly improves test times.

Use a TSP script and the TSP-Link interface to execute a test for instrument-to-instrument communication without interaction with a computer

Use a TSP script and the TSP-Link interface to execute a test for instrument-to-instrument communication without interaction with a computer

TSP technology also offers mainframe-less channel expansion. The KTTI-TSP is a user installable accessory card offering connectivity to TSP-Link technology. This channel expansion bus allows connecting multiple DMM6510's, other TSP-enabled instruments, and any LAN-based instruments together to form a tightly-synchronized instrument system. Connection is provided with simple low cost Category 5 Ethernet cabling. The system is organized in a master-subordinate configuration, essentially allowing the connected instruments to act as one. Other Keithley TSP-enabled instruments include the 2450, 2460, and 2461 Graphical SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instruments, Series 2600B SourceMeter (SMU) Instruments, DMM7510, DMM6500, and Series 3700A Switch/Multimeter systems. TSPLink technology supports up to 32 instruments, so it's easy to scale a system to fit the requirements of an application.

TSP scripting example Click for larger image

TSP Scripting Example

With the TSP-Link interface option, the KTTI-TSP, the Keithley DAQ6510 can control other Keithley TSP instruments or control any instrument with a LAN interface. For example, the DAQ6510 can send commands to a temperature chamber to operate at specific temperatures and execute a scan when the chamber has reached the programmed temperatures. In fact, the DAQ6510 can execute an automated sequence entirely without a PC thus saving test time and reducing the capital cost of the system. Using the TSP language to create a script, the user can display messages for an operator in an automated or a semi-automated test system.

Datalogger setup screen Click for larger image

Datalogger Setup Screen

Data Logging Software Simplifies PC Control, Acquisition, and Analysis

KickStart allows you to configure, test, and collect data from multiple instruments, including DMMs, power supplies, SMU instruments, and dataloggers. You can control up to eight instruments at the same time and retrieve millions of readings from each instrument. This makes KickStart a great solution for your datalogging needs and for capturing lots of data from transient events with a digitizing DMM.

Getting insights quickly is important, so KickStart plots your data immediately and dedicates a large portion of the viewing area to the graph, while also allowing you to view and edit the most essential parameters of other instruments in your test setup. Kickstart also includes comparison tools to allow you to plot and overlay data from the run history of each test.

Application Programs Expand DAQ6510 Utility

Add customized applications to the DAQ6510 to enhance the instrument's capability. Its factory-installed applications that allow the creation of a modified display to show data from multiple channels; and report plug-in module relay closure counts that enable determination of when a plug-in module needs to be replaced.

These examples highlight the unique ability of the Keithley DAQ6510 to run specialized applications that customize the user interface. This can significantly change the way information is displayed or even automated while running a test.

Ready to Use Instrument Drivers Simplify Programming

Prefer to create your own customized application software? Native National Instruments Labview, IVI-C, and IVI-COM drivers are available for downloading to simplify the programming process.

Wide Range of PC Interfaces

You can choose the interface that is most suitable for your needs. Two PC interfaces, LAN LXI and USB, on the DAQ6510 are standard. In addition, field-installable interface options include a GPIB interface, an RS-232 interface, and the Keithley TSP-Link interface. All these options include six digital I/O ports for direct instrument-instrument synchronization and communication.

KTTI-TSP TSP-Link interface with 6 digital I/O ports Click for larger image

KTTI-TSP TSP-Link Interface

KTTI-RS232 RS-232 interface with 6 digital I/O ports Click for larger image

KTTI-RS232 RS-232 Interface

KTTI-GPIB GPIB interface with 6 digital I/O ports Click for larger image


With its fron panel connections, the DAQ6510 can be used as a 6 1/2-digit DMM Click for larger image

6 1/2-digit DMM

Use as a DMM for Test and Troubleshooting

The Keithley DAQ6510 has front panel input terminals that enable use of the DAQ6510 as a 61/2-digit DMM. When multiple channel measurements are not needed, the DAQ6510 functions as a DMM. Use the DAQ6510 with its front panel terminals to troubleshoot a test setup, a circuit, or to verify the value of a component. Save bench space and cost with an instrument that performs like a DMM and a data logger. The dual functionality enables maximized utilization of your instrument.

Reduce Test System Downtime and Save on Lifetime Costs

Unplanned system downtime results in loss of productivity and delayed product shipments or loss of valuable development time during product audit testing, accelerated life testing, and environmental testing. To avoid unplanned downtime, the DAQ6510's plug-in switch modules have counters for each relay that monitor the number of relay contact closures. Thus, when relay switch closures approach the manufacturers' relay life specification, the switch card module can be replaced during scheduled maintenance.

Many of the plug-in switch modules have multi-pin D-sub connectors to ensure secure, minimal maintenance connections in automated test environments. The D-sub connectors minimize downtime when changing plug-in switch modules during system maintenance or during the setup of a new test system.

The Keithley DAQ6510 is specified for both 1-year and 2-year accuracy specifications with little difference between the 1-year and 2-year specifications. Thus, for most applications, the calibration cycle for the DAQ6510 can be two years. This will reduce the life cycle costs on your DAQ6510 by half.

  • 1 - Pair of General Purpose Test Leads, 1000V Cat II (1757)
  • 1 - Type-A-to-Type-B USB Cable, 1m (USB-B-1)
  • 1 - Traceable Calibration Certificate
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KUSB-488B Keithley KUSB-488B IEEE-488.2 USB-to-GPIB Interface Adapter for USB Ports Add to Cart


USB-B-1 Keithley USB-B-1 USB Cable Add to Cart


174694600 Tektronix 174694600 CABLE, CROSSOVER, 8 CONDUCTOR, 4 TW PAIRS, RJ45 Add to Cart


8503. Keithley 8503. 1m DIN Male-to-BNC Male Trigger Link Cable Add to Cart


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FU-99-1 Keithley FU-99-1 Fast-Blow Fuse for 3700 Series, 250V, 3A, 5x20mm Add to Cart


FU-106-1.25 Keithley FU-106-1.25 Slow-Blow Fuse for 3700 Series, 250V, 1.25A, 5x20mm Add to Cart


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C/DAQ6510-3Y-DATA Keithley C/DAQ6510-3Y-DATA KeithleyCare 3-Year Calibration with Data Plan for Model DAQ6510 Add to Cart


C/DAQ6510-3Y-STD Keithley C/DAQ6510-3Y-STD KeithleyCare 3-Year Calibration for Model DAQ6510 Add to Cart


C/DAQ6510-5Y-DATA Keithley C/DAQ6510-5Y-DATA KeithleyCare 5-Year Calibration with Data Plan for Model DAQ6510 Add to Cart


C/DAQ6510-5Y-STD Keithley C/DAQ6510-5Y-STD KeithleyCare 5-Year Calibration for Model DAQ6510 Add to Cart


DAQ6510-5Y-EW Keithley DAQ6510-5Y-EW Factory Warranty Extended from 3 to 5 Years for Model DAQ6510 (from Date of Shipment) Add to Cart


DAQ6510-EW Keithley DAQ6510-EW Factory Warranty Extended from 3 to 4 Years for Model DAQ6510 (from Date of Shipment) Add to Cart


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