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Keithley 708B

1-Slot Semiconductor Switch Matrix Mainframe

Brand: Keithley
Model No: 708B
Our Model No: 708B
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Significantly faster command-to-connect speeds than earlier Series 700 mainframes
  • 708B mainframe controls a single 8×12 matrix card
  • Compatible with the popular plug-in cards designed for the 707A/708A mainframes
  • Support for both remote (via LXI, USB, and GPIB interfaces) and manual (via front panel) programming
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Model 4200-SCS for semiconductor I-V and C-V characterization via GPIB interface
  • Stores hundreds of switching configurations and channel patterns in non-volatile memory for reuse
  • LXI Class C interface supports remote programming and control
  • Embedded TSP processor and TSP-Link interface make it easy to integrate Series 2600A System SourceMeter instruments into a high speed, self-contained tester
  • 14 bits of digital I/O

The Keithley 708B 6-Slot Semiconductor/Switch System Matrix Mainframe control options and interfaces offer system builders even greater flexibility when configuring high performance switching systems for use in both lab and production environments. Just as important, both new mainframes are compatible with the popular switch cards developed for the 707A, simplifying and minimizing the cost of switch system migration.

Faster Command-to-Connect

High performance 708B semiconductor switch matrix mainframes slash the time from command to connection, offering significantly faster test sequences and overall system throughput than Keithley's earlier 707A mainframes.

Optimized for Easy Integration with Existing Test Systems

The 708B is designed for command emulation with Models 707A and 708A. The 708B also supports the popular switch matrix cards developed for the Model 707A and 708A, so there's no need to purchase new cards to take advantage of the new mainframes.

In addition, the 708B offers a number of features to ensure their compatibility with Keithley instrumentation already at work in labs and on test floors around the world. For example, these semiconductor switch matrix mainframes are compatible with the Model 4200-SCS semiconductor parametric analyzer's existing matrix driver and GPIB interface, which allows them to become drop-in switch matrix replacements for many applications. The new mainframes also provide electrical performance that correlates closely with that of the Model 707A and Model 7174A switch card, the previous industry-standard switching solution.

Suited for Both Lab and Fab

Like its predecessors, the 708B is specifically designed for the requirements of both semiconductor lab and production test environments, delivering ultra low current switching performance using standard triax connectors and cables. For automating smaller test systems with a limited number of pins and instruments, the 708B supports a single switch card with up to 8 rows and 12 columns (8×12). For applications requiring higher switch counts, the 707B can accommodate up to six 8×12 cards, which can be connected via an internal backplane or jumpers to form larger matrices. Both mainframes also support mixed signal switching for both DC and RF (up to 200 MHz) signals.

Choice of Manual Operation or Remote Programming

The mainframe offers a variety of manual operation and remote programming functions via either the front panel controls or a choice of interfaces. For example, for manual operation, such as when experimenting with a new switching configuration, the updated front panel interface allows labeling switch card rows (instruments) and columns (pins) alphanumerically, which simplifies keeping track of what's connected to each crosspoint. An LED crosspoint display makes it easy to identify whether a specific channel is open or closed, as well as to determine which slots are occupied and which cards are currently in use. A two-line display shows both error messages and user-defined messages, and displays control menus and open/closed channel messages.

An intuitive navigation/control knob allows scrolling through and opening/closing channels. Key pad controls support scrolling through menus, changing host interface settings, saving and restoring instrument setups, and loading and running factory and user-defined test scripts, etc.

Test system integrators can choose from several instrument communication interfaces and tools for remote programming and control of the 708B:

TSP-Link is a high speed system expansion and coordination interface that simplifies linking instruments and switches for faster inter-unit communication and control. It provides a high speed, low latency interface to other TSP (Test Script Processor)-based hardware, enabling simple multi-box and multi-instrument software control, as well as simplified test system scaling as new requirements evolve.

With TSP-Link, there's no need to add external triggers and remote communication cables to individual units because all TSP-Link connected devices can be controlled from a single master unit. Up to 16 708B chassis can be linked together to form a larger switching matrix using TSP-Link. Each mainframe has two TSP-Link connectors to facilitate chaining instruments together. They can also be used to connect 708B semiconductor switch matrix mainframes to other TSP-Link enabled instruments, such as Keithley's Series 2600A System SourceMeter instruments. Every piece of instrumentation connected via TSP-Link can be controlled by a single master unit, just as though they were all housed in the same chassis.

Like all instruments compliant with the LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) standard, the 708B has a built-in switch control Web page that is accessible via any standard Web browser. In conjunction with a 10/100M Base-T Ethernet connection and LAN-based triggering, this Web interface offers a quick and easy method to program switching patterns. Interactive schematics of each card in the mainframe support point-and-click control for opening and closing switches. A scan list builder is provided to guide users through the requirements of a scan list (such as trigger and looping definitions) for more advanced applications. The Web page's pointand- click design provides easy switch system control, as well as basic switch system troubleshooting and diagnostics capabilities.

TSB (Test Script Builder) Embedded is an application with a reduced feature set that resides in the mainframe and can be accessed through its web page. Like the full Test Script Builder programming tool, it offers script-building functions and can be used to run example scripts provided with the mainframe. It also includes a command line interface that can be used to issue single-line ICL commands.

The 708B offers a GPIB interface and DDC command emulation capabilities to simplify the migration process. These users can incorporate the "B" models into their test systems without making any changes to their legacy code or hardware interface. However, these users will not be able to take full advantage of many of the throughput gains that TSP control provides, such as the new GPIB interface that allows you to control additional GPIB-compatible instruments and systems.

Optimized for Easy Integration with Series 2600A-Based Systems

The 708B is an ideal companion product for systems that incorporate Series 2600A instrumentation, such as Keithley's ACS and S530 integrated test systems. These mainframes share the same TSP, Lua scripting language, and TSP-Link interface as the Series 2600A and support an ultra low current switch matrix (the Model 7174A) that complements the Model 2636A's low current sensitivity. The 708B offers test system builders a switch matrix that is fast, scriptable, and works seamlessly with all Series 2600A models.

In common with Series 2600A instruments, the 708B provides system builders with the advantages of the Keithley Test Script Builder (TSB) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). TSB IDE is a programming tool provided on the CD that accompanies each mainframe. It can be used to create, modify, debug, and store TSP scripts. It provides a project/file manager window to store and organize test scripts, a text-sensitive program editor (like Visual Basic) to create and modify test TSP code, and an immediate instrument control window to send GPIB commands and receive data from the instrument. The immediate window allows viewing the output of a given test script and simplifies debugging.

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