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Keithley 2220-30-1

Dual-Output Programmable DC Power Supply with USB Interface

Brand: Keithley
Model No: 2220-30-1
Our Model No: 2220301
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Two 30V/1.5A output channels
  • 90W maximum power
  • All channels independently controlled and have isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
  • All channels have remote sensing to ensure that programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load
  • Two 30V channels can be combined either in series to double output voltage or in parallel to double output current
  • 0.03% basic voltage output accuracy and 0.1% current accuracy ensure quality test data
  • Low noise, linear regulation with less than 3mVpp ripple and noise
  • Voltage and current outputs for all channels are displayed simultaneously for easy observation of each output state
  • Keypad entry allows fast, precise entry of output values
  • USB interface standard on all versions for remote control

The Keithley 2220-30-1 Dual-Channel Programmable Power Supply features channels that are completely independent and isolated from each other. As a result, this power supply can be used to provide power to two circuits that are optically isolated, or transformer-isolated from each other and have different reference points. Its isolated channels eliminate the need for a second power supply to power one of the isolated circuits.

Additionally, each channel can be independently controlled, so channels can be individually turned on and turned off at any time. Thus, this power supply can be used to power up a circuit with multiple voltage levels (such as a digital circuit) that must be turned on in a specified time sequence. Furthermore, the timer capability allows you to set up unattended tests that turn off the channels after a programmed time interval to protect a device-under-test (DUT) from potential damage due to the continuous application of power beyond a recommended time interval. Both isolated and independent channels provide excellent versatility and flexibility to address a wide range of test applications.

Accurate Power Delivery to the Load

With basic voltage setting accuracy and voltage readback accuracy of 0.03% for each channel, the exact voltage programmed for any channel is applied at the output terminals. Plus, the rear panel connections for each channel include remote sense terminals that compensate for voltage drops in the power supply leads. This helps to ensure that the correct voltage is delivered accurately to the load terminals of the DUT. Many other multi-channel power supplies do not provide remote sensing, which reduces overall system accuracy. Great accuracy is not limited to voltage; the basic current setting and readback accuracy is 0.1%, providing high quality load current measurements. Also, with less than 3mV p-p noise, the power applied to the DUT's load terminals is both accurate and of high quality.

Excellent accuracy, remote sensing, and a wide power output range make the 2220-30-1 an essential test instrument, both on the bench and in test systems. Its ability to generate a wide range of output power and measure a wide range of load currents is supported with:

- Maximum output power of 45W on the 30V channels

- Maximum output power of 30W on the 6V channel

- Voltage setting and reading resolution of 1mV

- Current setting and reading resolution of 1mA

- Configure the Channels to Double Output Voltage or Current or Create Bipolar Power Supplies

Power two isolated circuits with isolated output channels.Click for larger image

Power two isolated circuits with isolated output channels.

Click for larger image

Combining Two channels

The two 30V channels can be combined if more than 30V or more than 1.5A is required. The two 30V outputs can be wired in series to enable an output of 60V with a maximum current output of 1.5A or can be wired in parallel to get up to 3A at 30V. In series or parallel configurations, the power supply offers special display modes that indicate the actual voltage and current for the combined pair. It's also easy to wire the outputs to make a +/-30V bipolar supply and to maintain a user-defined ratio between the two outputs when using Tracking mode. These modes of operation extend the performance of the 2220-30-1, while the display shows the actual outputs in these special modes to avoid any confusion or incorrect interpretation of the displayed data.

Convenience Features Help Get Results More Quickly

These multi-channel power supplies offer a number of features that return results quickly and easily:

A rotary knob, with user-selectable step size, makes it easy to check circuit response to changing voltage or current. Alternatively, a direct-entry numeric keypad can be used to simplify setting precise voltage and current values.

Each channel has its own readout on the display. The voltage and current being delivered to each channel are visible at a glance. A bright vacuum fluorescent display provides excellent readability at a distance, at an angle, or under dim lighting conditions.

To save time when repeating tests, instrument settings can be saved in one of 30 internal memory locations by simply pressing the Save button. To recall that setting, just push the Recall button, and choose the desired setup.

Protection for Your Device-Under-Test

This multi-channel power supply includes maximum voltage settings that prevent voltage from being accidentally adjusted above user-specified limits. Independent outputs allow a different limit to be specified for each output channel. With the numeric keypad, a current limit can be quickly and precisely specified before a test is started. In addition, a userdefinable password allows the front panel to be locked to prevent unwanted adjustment during critical tests.

Easy Test Automation

Two interface choices are available to enable PC control from a user-preferred programming environment. A USB TMC-compliant device port is included on all versions of these power supplies. LabView and IVI drivers are provided to facilitate instrument control, data logging, and analysis. With these drivers, the power supplies can be controlled from most commercially-available software packages such as MatLab. Thus, this power supply can be controlled as a single unit, or as part of an automated test system.

  • 1 - Dual-Output Programmable DC Power Supply
  • 1 - Rear Panel Mating Connector (CS-1638-12)
  • 1 - Documentation and Driver CD (2200S-950-01)
  • 1 - Certification of Calibration
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