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Keithley 2380-120-60

Programmable DC Electronic Load with GPIB, USB, and RS-232 Interfaces, 120V/60A/250W

Brand: Keithley
Model No: 2380-120-60
Our Model No: 238012060
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Programmable DC electronic loads
  • 120V input voltage
  • 0-60A constant current mode range
  • 250W constant power mode range
  • Constant current (CC),constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), and constant power (CP) operating modes
  • LED simulated load test mode
  • Readback voltage and current resolution down to 0.1mV/0.01mA
  • Dynamic mode with cycle rate up to 25kHz
  • Voltage rise and fall time measurement
  • Current monitor function
  • List mode
  • Battery test mode
  • Built-in GPIB,USB, and RS-232 interfaces


  • Environmental test, stress test, and accelerated life testing for AC/DC power sources and DC/DC modules
  • LED lighting drivers and high power component testing
  • Automotive electronics testing
  • Battery research and discharge testing
  • Production test

The Keithley 2380-120-60 120V/60A/250W Programmable DC Electronic Load can sync a wide range of voltages and currents. This single-output, stand-alone electronic load is cost-effective and self-contained.

Multiple Operating Modes

The 2380-120-60 can operate in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), or constant power (CP) mode. It can also be configured to provide a dynamically changing load to the DC source with load switching times as fast as 25kHz. Versatile internal, external, and remote triggering options allow synchronizing the dynamic load behavior with other events.

Comprehensive Protection

Protection functions built into the 2380-120-60 ensures the reliability and safety of all tests. These functions include over temperature protection (OTP), over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP), over power protection (OPP), and local/remote reverse voltage (LRV/RRV) protection. A power-on system self-test ensures the instrument is operating properly.

Full Complement of Settings and Controls

To maximize testing efficiency, you can save test parameters into any one of 100 memory locations for quick recall. All load parameters, such as voltage, current, slew rate, and dynamic mode time intervals, can be set using the front panel controls or programmed remotely. A numeric keypad and rotary knob allow entering settings quickly and setting parameters to their full resolution easily. USB-TMC, GPIB and RS-232 interfaces are built in for remote control and communication. A current monitor interface simplifies monitoring input current waveforms by providing a connection for an oscilloscope.

  • 1 - Single-Output Programmable DC Electronic Load
  • 1 - Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 - Documentation CD
  • 1 - Power Cord
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2380-120-60 Keithley 2380-120-60 Programmable DC Electronic Load with GPIB, USB, & RS-232, 120V/60A/250W Add to Cart
Sale $1,890.99
2380-120-60 Keithley 2380-120-60 Programmable DC Electronic Load with GPIB, USB, & RS-232, 120V/60A/250W Add to Cart
Sale $1,890.99
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