Kaltman Creations PRO-Bundle-3
Spectran HF-60100 V4, Spectran NF-5030, and HyperLOG 60100

  • Included:
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for the Professional
Click here for a larger image - Kaltman Creations 220 PRO-Bundle-3: Spectran HF-60100 V4, Spectran NF-5030, and HyperLOG 60100Click here for a larger image - Kaltman 220 PRO-Bundle-3: Spectran HF-60100 V4, Spectran NF-5030, and HyperLOG 60100
Kaltman Creations PRO-Bundle-3
Kaltman Creations' PRO-Bundle-3 offers optimal measurement solutions for measurement of both EMF and RF signal sources of any kind. This kit is geared with the Professional in mind; With its wide range, powerful readers, and highly accurate systems, it covered the majority of single frequencies which the user may encounter.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
PRO BUNDLE-3 Kaltman PROBUNDLE-3 EMC/RF Spectrum Analyzer Bundle: Contains HF 60100 and NF-5030  Buy Now Sale $6,200.37
(Reg. $6,263.00)
Included accessories
  • 1 - Detachable miniature rod antenna
  • 1 - AA1300mAh power battery with charger
  • 1 - Pistol grip with miniature tripod mode
  • 1 - SMA tool set
  • 1 - SMA adapter
  • 1 - 1m SMA cable
  • 1 - Sturdy aluminum-design carrying case w/ custom padding
Optional accessories
Options for the HF-60100
1MB-HF Kaltman 1MB-HF 1MB Memory Expansion option  Buy Now Sale $292.05
(Reg. $295.00)
10GHZ DETECT Kaltman 10GHZ DETECT Peak Detect (V4 Only)  Buy Now Sale $564.30
(Reg. $570.00)
INT PRE-AMP Kaltman Int Pre-Amp Internal Pre-Amp (V4 models only)  Discontinued
TXCO 0.5PPM Kaltman TXCO 0.5PPM Frequency Stability (V4 models only)  Discontinued
Options for the NF-5030
1MB-NF Kaltman 1MB-NF 1MB Memory Expansion option for NF Models  Buy Now Sale $292.05
(Reg. $295.00)
3-D GEO Kaltman 3-D GEO 3-D Geomagnetic  Buy Now Sale $499.80
(Reg. $510.00)
NF 30MHZ Kaltman NF 30MHZ 30MHz Range Extender Option  Buy Now Sale $791.70
(Reg. $870.00)
PBS1 - 5 Kaltman PBS1 5 Probe Set  Buy Now Sale $2,968.02
(Reg. $2,998.00)
PBS2-5 PA Kaltman PBS2 EMC EMI 100kHz to 3GHz Probe Sniffer Set with Pre-Amplifier  Buy Now Sale $3,958.02
(Reg. $3,998.00)
Accessories & Replacement Parts
AC120-220 Kaltman AC120-220 Universal AC Adaptor  Buy Now $39.00
RPB Kaltman RPB Rubber Protective Boot  Buy Now $82.00