Kaltman Creations IWxResQ8
RF-ResQ Spectrum Analyzer, 8-Channel 1-RU

  • World first assignable wireless mic bandpass filter/processor
  • Antenna distribution with router
  • Amplifier for each receiver channel, up to 10dB
  • DiverseQ™ improved diversity antenna switching
  • Network or USB controlled – set it & lock it
  • 8 channels per 1U rack
  • More cost effective than traditional distribution amplifiers and amplified antennas
  • Rescue & salvage unusable RF spectrum
  • Create closer channel spacing (ability to add more channels)
  • Eliminate out-of-band interference
  • Reduce intermodulation
  • Free up RF spectrum (double the number channels in the same spectrum)
  • Maximized RF dynamic range
  • Improved wireless audio quality
  • Latency in the nanoseconds
  • Peace of mind for critical wireless applications
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Product Information
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The IWxResQ8 is the breakthrough solution to the RF congestion and “spectrum squeeze” issues that have plagued the pro audio industry in recent years.

The RF-ResQ (Receiver Enhancement System) is an antenna signal processor that can rescue and salvage unusable RF spectrum, substantially reduce interference and more.

Housed in a rugged single-rack space unit, the IWxResQ8 is the world’s first standalone wireless microphone filtering system employing multiple military-spec, high-Q bandpass filters. RF-ResQ™ will clean up the received RF spectrum, allow for closer adjacent channel spacing (potentially doubling available channel counts), remove the issue of intermodulation effects, and improve the reception of weaker transmissions.

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IWxResQ8 Kaltman IWxResQ8 RF-ResQ Spectrum Analyzer, 8-Channel 1-RU Buy Now $4,998.00
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