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Handheld Services Tester and Modules

  • Thoroughly qualifies the copper with VF & WB TIMS, DVOM, TDR, RFL, OPENS, Leakage, Balance, Load Coil detection, and more...
  • E1/Datacom SIM:G.703,G.821,G.826,M.2100,Datacom
    • Dual Tx & Rx E1 + Datacom interfaces
    • Datacom
    • Bulk n x 64 kbit/s BERT, Audio Monitor, Event log
    • Frame Relay
  • ADSL1,ADSL2,ADSL2+,RE-ADSL – all in one module!
  • Data layer test options: DHCP, IPoE, PPPoE, PPPoA, FTP throughput, and web Browser
  • Verify IP Video service including STB (Set Top Box) emulation: IGMP (Broadcast) and RTSP (VOD) signaling protocols
  • Evaluate key IP Video QoS parameters including Packet Loss, Packet jitter, IGMP latency, and PCR jitter
  • VoIP phone emulation with CISCO SCCP,SIP,H.3232—VoIP QoS: Packet loss, delay, jitter, MOS and R-Factor scores
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In one lightweight, robust, battery operated tester, the JDSU HST-3000 offers more than any other handheld tester on the market. The combination of physical layer copper, WAN access circuit, as well, as IP voice, video, and data testing in a single handheld makes the HST-3000 the premier tool of choice for the roll-out of next-generation IP-based Triple Play services. Its scalable, modular design cost-effectively addresses today’s needs and enables a solid future growth path through field swappable modules and software option package upgrades.

JDSU ’s HST-3000 all-in-one tester delivers comprehensive copper testing including DVOM, TDR, Wideband TIMS, spectral analysis, and Resistive Fault Location. Technologies and services such as Data-com (V series interfaces, etc.), Frame Relay,andE1/T1 are comprehensively supported with easy-to-use interfaces allowing difficult problems with or affecting premium services to be identified and resolved quickly. It also supports ADSL over POTS, ADSL over ISDN, and G. SHDSL support with xTU-C/R modem emulation.10/100BT Ethernet interface allows the HST-3000 to segment problems between the PC, CPE, and access network. With its optional on-board IP and VoIP testing capabilities, the HST-3000 can validate VoIP service connectivity, feature availability and voice quality. In addition, it provides a comprehensive IP test suite including signaling, IP ping, packet statistic and trace route analysis to identify, diagnose and sectionalize VoIP problems. The IP Video option completes the Triple Play Services test support package. STB emulation enables the HST-3000 to establish program streams in a terminate mode not requiring CPE. QoS parameter measurement along with detailed troubleshooting analysis features make the HST a complete video tool. The HST-3000 is clearly a test package than can meet your needs today and grow with you to meet the testing challenges of tomorrow.
Examples of Test Applications
Test the Copper
  • DVOM, TDR, Balance, Loads, Opens
  • Wideband TIMS, Spectral Analysis, Resistive Fault Locate
Test the Service
  • HDSL,HDSL2,HDSL4 (via VT-100),PCM TIMS, and Signaling
  • G.SHDSL (2 and 4 wire)
Test the Triple Play
  • Internet Data: FTP Throughput, Web Browser
  • VoIP: Phone Emulation, Signaling, QoS (MOS; R-Factor)
  • IP Video: STB Emulation, Broadcast and VOD, Video QoS
Improve the Process
  • Auto tests and multiple configuration storage
  • Scripted tests with server download up-dates
  • File capture and export for analysis: VoIP
  • Test results storage, annotate, and export with “File Manager”
  • Flexible connectivity: Serial (RS-232);USB
The HST-3000 boasts advanced scripting features to improve compliance with operator Methods and Procedures through interactive scripts and auto-tests. Acceptable pass-fail thresholds can be programmed, even script sequences customized.

Use the HST-3000 everywhere to test the copper, test the service, and improve the process. The handheld, rugged and easy-to-use HST-3000 is ideal for field use. It is compact, rugged and can be used in almost all conditions, from inside the CO/Exchange to outside in moderate rain.
Function Description Included: Module Specs.
ADSL/2/2+ The core component of Tech Complete ADSL is the HST-3000 with an ADSL/2/2+service interface module (SIM).
  • The HST-3000 is a modular copper services test tool featuring:
    • A single testing solution for multiple access technologies and service applications.
    • A modular hardware and software architecture that is flexible and easily upgraded.
    • A battery-powered, rugged, and weather-resistant platform that is built to endure field use.
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  • Complete copper testing to support VDSL/VDSL2 and triple-play deployments
  • Expanded copper testing frequency range
    • Tx/Rx Tones ranging from 100 kHz to 30 MHz
    • Wideband Noise measurements from +15 to -90 dBm
    • Impulse Noise measurements from +15 to -60 dBm
    • Spectral analysis with spectral masks and band plans up to 30 MHz (-28 to -150 dBm/Hz)
  • Wideband copper SIM functionality available in combination with VDSL/VDSL2 test SIMs
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T1 Service
  • Thorough T1 testing including BERT, loop codes, and NIU/CSU emulation
  • VT100 emulation for access to T1,HDSL,HDSL2,HDSL2-4 wire performance statistics
  • Lower repeat rates with automated close out tests, scripting, and pass/fail tests loaded with operator specific thresholds for methods and procedures
  • Modular hardware and software architecture allows easy upgrades and enhancements
  • T-BERD® advanced stress patterns, intelligent repeater loop codes, and BERT patterns included
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T3 Service
  • Isolate and troubleshoot physical layer troubles from RF problems
  • DS1 signal analysis and BER testing with standard and advanced stress patterns
  • DS3 signal analysis and BER testing with patterns for both M13 and C-bit framing
  • Dual DS1 receivers and transmitters for in-service monitoring as well as drop-and-insert and head-to-head testing
  • Dual DS3 receivers for bi-directional monitoring
  • Accurately measure frequency and signal level to ensure optimal T1 and T3 circuit performance
  • Compact, lightweight, and scalable tool that is ideal for the needs of the wireless field technician
  • Water resistant to withstand nature’s elements
  • Traditional T-BERD with innovative copper applications
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  • Field portable solution for ISDN BRA service testing
  • Detailed monitoring of applications combining data communications and ISDN without specialist protocol knowledge
  • Reduction of installation and maintenance time
  • TE (Terminal), NT (Network), S/T, and U-simulation modes
  • NT1 replacement mode and U-monitor mode
  • IDSL testing at 128K and 144K in either BERT or loopback modes
  • Country specified protocols
  • Flexible and easily upgradeable modular hardware and software architecture
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Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
HST-PKG2 JDSU HST-PKG2 HST-3000 package with Copper/ADSL2+ module loaded Buy Now Sale $4,286.15
(Reg. $4,400.00)
HST-PKG3 JDSU HST-PKG3 HST-3000 package with Basic Copper Module Buy Now Sale $3,750.05
(Reg. $3,850.00)
HST-PKG6 JDSU HST-PKG6 HST-3000 package for T1 + ISDN PRI Module Buy Now Sale $5,308.55
(Reg. $5,450.00)
HST-PKG8 JDSU HST-PKG8 HST-3000 package for T1, T3, and ISDN PRI Module Buy Now Sale $6,331.35
(Reg. $6,500.00)
HST-PKG9 JDSU HST-PKG9 HST-3000 package for Copper, T1, and ISDN PRI Module Buy Now Sale $6,623.85
(Reg. $6,800.00)
HST-PKG10 JDSU HST-PKG10 HST-3000 BDCM Bonded/Loaded Copper Package with UFED Package Buy Now Sale $6,375.49
(Reg. $6,800.00)
HST-PKG11 JDSU HST-PKG11 HST-3000 Broadcom Bonded DSL and Loaded Copper Package Buy Now Sale $5,531.49
(Reg. $5,900.00)
HST-PKG12 JDSU HST-PKG12 Broadcom Bonded SIM and UFED Upgrade Buy Now Sale $2,671.95
(Reg. $2,850.00)
HST-PKG13 JDSU HST-PKG13 Broadcom Bonded Module Upgrade Buy Now Sale $1,921.95
(Reg. $2,050.00)
HST-PKG14 JDSU HST-PKG14 HST3000 Ethernet Package Buy Now Sale $5,620.49
(Reg. $5,995.00)
HST-PKG15 JDSU HST-PKG15 HST3000 Ethernet upgrade package Buy Now Sale $3,745.49
(Reg. $3,995.00)