Fiber Inspection and Test Systems
Handheld display with integrated power meter

  • Inspect patch cords (with Probe microscope)
  • Inspect bulkheads (with Probe microscope)
  • Test/measure optical power and attenuation
Click here for a larger image - JDSU HP3-60 Basic unit - Handheld display with integrated power meterClick here for a larger image - JDSU HP3-60 Basic unit - Handheld display with integrated power meter
JDSU HP3-60 Shown

Product Information
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The industry’s only handheld solution for inspecting and testing fiber networks with one device.

The new JDSU HP3-60 display system combines fiber inspection and optical power measurement into a single seamless handheld device. The result is a significant increase in workflow efficiency and a decrease in total inspection and testing time.

Probe Microscope with 4-pin output sold seperately
Specification HP3-60
Display Range –65 to +10 dBm
Max. Permitted Input Level +10 dBm
Intrinsic Uncertainty¹ ±0.20 dB (±5%)
Linearity¹ (-50 to +5 dBm) ±0.06 dB
Wavelength Range 780 to 1650 nm
Wavelength and Modulation 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz
1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 nm –50 to +10 dBm
850 nm –45 to +10 dBm
Run Time ~180 hours (continuous on)
Auto-shutoff Time 20 minutes
Connectable Fiber Types 9/125 to 100/140 μm
Optical Interface UPP 2.5 mm adapter(DIN, ST, FC, SC, E2000)
UPP 1.25 mm adapter(LC, MU) - sold separately
Display LCD, 4-digit
Result Display In dBm, dB
Resolution 0.01 dB
1 Under the following reference conditions: –20 dBm (CW), 1300 nm ± 1 nm, 23°C ± 3K, 45 to 75% relative humidity, 9 to 50 μm fiber
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
FITHP360 JDSU HP3-60 Handheld display with integrated power meter. Fiber inspection and test system Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Manual
Optional Accessories
FBPP5 JDSU FBP-P5 Probe Microscope. Analog Video Probe, 200/400X DualMag NTSC 4-Pin Discontinued
FBPP-USB3 JDSU FBPP-USB3 USB Analog-to-Digital Converter w/ 4-pin connection to FBP probe; FiberChek Software Buy Now Sale $327.95
(Reg. $393.75)