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JDSU 2280/41

OTS-55 SmartClass Optical Talk Set, Single Unit

Status: Discontinued
Replaced By: 228510
Brand: JDSU
Model No: 2280/41
Our Model No: 228041
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Doesn't need a headset hands-free operation
  • ≥ 45 dB dynamic range
  • Wavelength of operation: 1550 nm
  • Clear digital voice transmission
  • Hands-free operation
  • 4-way powering
  • Rugged casing
  • Visual fault locator option at 635 nm (Optional)
  • Economical option fiber tracing, routing, and continuity checking
  • Universal push-pull adapter 2.5 mm (1.25 mm adapter optional)

The JDSU OTS-55 fulfills today's communication needs during fiber installations, maintenance or troubleshooting in a very cost effective way by using one single "dark" fiber.

The JDSU OTS-55 provides clear digital voice transmission over a single fiber. Hands-free operation makes communication even more convenient the technician by using either a headset or the "speakerphone" mode. No matter how you use it, the JDSU OTS-55 provides crystal clear communication any time.

The outstanding performance of this talk set ensures not only a communication between two OTS-55. Indeed, its flexibility allows operation together with the MTS/T-Berd 6000/8000 as well as the OFI-2000 tester (when equipped with talk set functionalities).

  • 1 2150/00.xx Optical Adapter (Must be chosen at time of purchase)
  • 1 2277/90.02 MT-1S belt bag one instrument
  • 4 2237/90.02 NiMH cells, Mignon/AA, 1.2 V
  • 1 Operating Manual, English
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2150/00.32 JDSU 2150/00.32 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, ST-Type Add to Cart


2150/00.58 JDSU 2150/00.58 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, SC-PC/APC -Type Add to Cart


2150/00.51 JDSU 2150/00.51 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, FC-PC, FC-APC -Type Add to Cart


2150/00.50 JDSU 2150/00.50 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapters, DIN 47256 type Add to Cart


2150/00.59 JDSU 2150/00.59 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, LC-Type Add to Cart


2229/90.21 JDSU 2229/90.21 OCK-10 Optical Connector Cleaning Kit Add to Cart


2252/90.10 JDSU 2252/90-10 Visual Fault Locator Option Add to Cart
Sale $224.95
2277/90.01 JSDU 2277/90.01 SNT-121A Worldwide compatable AC adapter Add to Cart


2237/90.02 JDSU 2237/90.02 1.2V, 2.7 mAh, NiMH Rechargeable Battery, Mignon/AA-Size Add to Cart


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