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Instek GRF-1300

RF & Communication System Trainer

Brand: Instek
Model No: GRF-1300
Our Model No: GRF1300
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Baseband Signal:
    • Sine, triangle, square wave
    • Frequency Range: 0.1 – 3 MHz
  • RF Frequency: 870 – 920 MHz
  • AM & FM Modulation
  • 5 Programmable On/Off Switches and 5 Test Points to simulate 8 Failure Conditions for Trouble Shooting study
  • USB Interface to provide remote control

The Instek GRF-1300 RF and Communication System Trainer is able to generate a baseband signal and a RF Carrier signal for the built in AM/FM Communication topics. The baseband signal outputs include Sine, Triangle and Square waveforms in 100kHz to 3MHz range and RF output in the 870MHz to 920MHz range.

The combination of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 RF and Communication System Trainer forms a fundamental training system for RF communication and telecommunication classes in the universities, colleges, vocational schools, and the training centers of military and private companies. The GSP-730 and GRF-1300 RF and Communication System Trainer together provide an economic solution to clear away two obstacles, budget constraint and the lack of teaching tools, for the installation of an expensive training system.

  • 1 - Experiment text book of student version
  • 1 - Power point file and remote control software CD
  • 3 - RF cable
  • 1 - Antenna
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 3 - N to SMA Adaptor connector
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (754 KB)
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