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Instek PPH-1503

Programmable Single Channel High Precision DC Power Supply

Brand: Instek
Model No: PPH-1503
Our Model No: PPH1503
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Dual Range Output (0-15V/0-3A) or (0-9V/0-5A) 45 W
  • 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
  • Built-in DVM Measurement Function
  • High Measurement REsolution (1mV/0.1mA for 5A Range);(1mV/0.1uA for 5mA Range)
  • External Relay Control Output On/Off
  • Sink Current Capability (Maximum:2A)
  • Digital Panel Control
  • Selectable Output and Input (DVM) Ports From Front or Rear Panel
  • Key Lock Function
  • 5 Sets of Preset Memory Including Power Output ON/OFF States
  • High Speed Transient Recovery Time(<40us within 100mV ; <80us within 20mV)
  • OVP/OCP/OTP Protection to Prevent DUT Damage
  • Standard Multiple Interfaces: USB / LAN /GPIB
  • Labview Driver and PC Remote Control Software

The Instek PPH1503 is a high-speed and high-precision DC Power Supply with dual range of 15V/3A or 9V/5A. The PPh-1503 is exclusively designed to meet low power consumption requirements and users' great demands of accuracy, speed and resolution of both voltage and current. Circuits are designed with swift response capability to provide a stable voltage output while experiencing load changes. For example, when switching cellular phone from standby to talk mode, the current consumption will be dramatically changed within milliseconds. When load current exceeded current limit, two operational modes: Limit and Trip can be selected. Under limit mode, PPH-1503 will automatically switch to constant current (CC) mode. Under Trip mode, voltage output will automatically turn off.

The PPH1503 is designed to provide promt response to the current change for recovering the output voltage at a minimum variation. The high sampling rate allows fast reedback in voltage and current measurement to expedite products' testing speed, which is able to increase the test throughout production. Sink function can be used to test the battery charger of portable devices. The high precision performance of PPH-1503 provides the measurement capability in low power consumption level. One built-in DVM (Digital Volt-Meter) with input ports is designed to measure any point on DUT while PPH1503 is outputting voltage and current. Besides, two ports are located on the front and rear panel which users can only select one to perform tests based upon their connection convenience. PPH-1503 is and ideal power source for production lines, R&D laboratories, device inspection, maintenance centers or facilities with the requirements of a swift and precise power supply with DVM.

  • 1 - User Manual (CD)
  • 1 - Quick Start Guide
  • 1 - Power Cord (Region Dependent)
  • 1 - GTL-117(Test Lead 10A Maximum)
  • 1 - GTL-204A (Test Lead 10A Maximum)
  • 1 - GTL-203A (Test Lead 3A Maximum)
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (3.2 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (1.88 MB)
Quick Start Guide: PDF Document Icon (4 MB)
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