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Instek PSB-1400M

Programmable Multi-Range DC Power Supply, 160VDC, 10A, 400W

Brand: Instek
Model No: PSB-1400M
Our Model No: PSB1400M
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 0~160 Output Voltage
  • LCD display and menu-typed functionality selection
  • Support front panel output terminals (Max.30A) and rear panel output terminals (Rating current output)
  • Bleeder circuit control
  • I/V Control function
  • Sequence function
  • Power on Configuration
  • Internal Sense Control( Disable/ front panel/ rear panel)
  • Voltage trigger function
  • Output delay function
  • OCP Control function
  • Interface: USB Host, LAN, option: GPIB (PSB-105)

Instek PSB-1400M is a single output channel, programmable and multi-range DC power supply. The power supply features 400W output power, 0~160 output voltage and 0~10 output current. The PSB-1400M is a bench-top power supply featuring user friendly interface, which can clearly display setting conditions and measurement results via LCD display and menu-typed functionality selection without referring to the user manual. All settings can be done by functionality keys, numerical keys, and speed dial keys. The30Aoutput capability from the front terminal of the PSB-1400M can better meet the requirements of laboratories and scientific R&D units.

The PSB-1400M features user friendly menu-typed functionality interface and its built-in functionalities can better meet industry's application requirements. Both front panel and rear panel output terminals of the PSB-1400M facilitate researchers to access power output conveniently. The display panel adopts menu-typed functionality selection to help users quickly familiarize with settings and operation that is extremely suitable for on-site engineers and R&D engineers who deal with complicated functional setting requirements. The Bleeder function helps rapidly bleed internal capacitors to avoid potential danger of discharging electric charge. For battery's charging applications, users can set Bleeder to Disable to avoid impact on battery charging applications. The I/V Control function, based upon DUT's requirements, sets rise and fall speed of voltage and current respectively to effectively reduce surge voltage and current output as well as to measure DUT characteristics. The CC priority output mode can be utilized to protect diode characteristic load and LED load from being damaged by inrush current. Sequence Function (SEQ), via editing Excel charts and uploading them to the instrument, automatically executes the required output waveforms to meet the requirements of related regulations and tests. The automatic execution of the sequence function is often applied to planning a set of continuous voltage variation to assess DUT characteristics. For instance, producing a series of voltage variation output to test impact on automotive fans is one of the reliability test applications. Power On Configuration allows users to select previously set SEQ to carry out automatic execution as soon as power is turned on. For production lines demanding sequential power supply output application requirements, tremendous time can be saved by this function, which exempts users from resetting sequential power supply when power is turned on every single time. Voltage Trigger allows users to set pulse signals for leading edge threshold and trailing edge threshold. VOLT TRIG can be applied to ATS by providing output time for working voltage via BNC adapter. The Output Delay function facilitates users to respectively set action time for power output on and power output off for multiple sets of PSB1400M so as to realize sequential power output applications.

  • 1 - User manual
  • 1 - Programming manual
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 1 - Output terminal cover
  • 1 - Type A-B USB cable
  • 1 - Analog connector plug set
  • 1 - Chassis connection wire
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