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Instek APS-1102A

Programmable AC/DC Power Source, 1000VA

Brand: Instek
Model No: APS-1102A
Our Model No: APS1102A
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 5.7 in. large LCD display
  • Output Capacity: 750VA for AC 100V input; 1000VA for AC 200V input
  • Output Modes: AC and AC/DC combined with any four signal sources
  • Signal Sources : Internal (INT), External (EXT), Internal + External (ADD) and Synchronization (SYNC)
  • Arbitrary waveform power output
  • Power amplifier of external signal
  • Measurement Function: voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, CF and harmonic current
  • Supports capacitor input load
  • Sequence function allows programming output patterns
  • Limiter function (upper/lower limits function)
  • 30 sets of SAVE/RECALL memory
  • Output On/Off switch
  • USB (USBTMC) an RS-232 standard for remote control


  • Research and devolopment and testing of wide variety but small quantity power supply manufacturers
  • Research and devolopment and testing compact consumer device manufacturers
  • Testing of battery-powered modules
  • Used as the power source for relay and switch characteristic testing
  • Used as the power source for product inspection lines of devices
  • Used as the power source for LCD or lir-Ellliery formation

The Instek APS-1102A Programmable AC/DC Power Source, 1000VA is not only a precision AC/DC power source, but also a powerful analyzer, containing abundant features for the testing and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. In addition to AC/DC power, APS-1102A is fully programmable to simulate different power outputs. Sequences can be created using arbitrary waveforms as well as voltage or frequency sweeps. Output is divided into two main operation modes: AC and AC/DC. Each mode can be combined with four signal source modes: internal (INT), external (EXT), internal + external (ADD) and external synchronization (SYNC) to provide flexible power settings. Voltage, current, power, frequency, load power factor, load crest factor and harmonic current output can be monitored in real-time. Even inrush current can easily be measured during the power-up of capacitive loads. All parameters and values as well as measurement results are displayed simultaneously on the 5.7 inch LCD screen. APS-1102A includes multi-functional easy-to-use software that can be used with a USB or RS-232 interface. The software is used to remotely control panel settings and to create and edit sequences and arbitrary waveforms. The APS-1102A also has a universal power outlet on the front panel (suitable for most countries), as well as an output terminal on the rear panel.

Inrush Current Measurement and Inrush Current Limiter

For an electronic device containing a capacitor type rectifier, an inrush current - which is larger than the rated current of the device - may flow through the power line immediately after the device is turned on. The APS-1102A, with peak current hold capability, is able to measure this short time inrush current. On the other hand, the large inrush current flowing through the power line may cause the voltage to drop, so the electronic device should be able to limit this effect to a certain extent. The APS-1102A can supply four times as large a peak current as the rated current to support this test.

The output current can be limited by setting the maximum output current (peak/average current) in advanced, so that the prototypes can be protected from abnormal current damage during development evaluation. However, to measure the inrush current of a completed product, the peak current limiter should be set at the maximum value to get a correct measurement result.

Harmonic Current Measurement Function

Switching power sources is widely used in both consumer and industrial electrical products in today's market. When a large amount of harmonic current fiows through the power source line, the switching power supply in the device may experience operation faults caused by the voltage distortion, which can lead to the transformer overheating, possibly resulting in a hazardous accident. APS-1102A includes a harmonic current measuring function, which can be performed under AC-INT mode at the fundamental wave setting (panel frequency setting) of either 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Absolute values of harmonic current in RMS and the harmonic to fundamental ratios of up to the 40th harmonics (2 kHz at 50 Hz fundamental) can be measured and displayed.

  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - USB Cord
  • 1 - Remote Control Software CD
  • 1 - User Manual
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