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Instek GDS-2202E

200 MHz, 2-Channel, 1 GSa/s, 100 GSa/s, Visual Persistence Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Brand: Instek
Model No: GDS-2202E
Our Model No: GDS2202E
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 200 MHz Bandwidth
  • 2 Channels
  • 1GSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate for Each Channel (2ch model)
  • Standard 10M Maximum Memory Depth and VPO Waveform Display Technology
  • Waveform Update Rate of 120,000 wfm/s
  • 8" WVGA TFT LCD Display
  • FFT with Maximum 1M points to Provide Higher Frequency Domain Resolution Measurement
  • High and Low Pass Digital Filter Functions
  • 29,000 Sections of Segmented Memory and Waveform Search Functions
  • I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN Serial Bus Trigger and Decoding Function
  • Data Log Function Tracks Signal Changes Up To 100 hours
  • Provide Remote Internet Storage Function

The Instek GDS2202E Digital Storage Oscilloscope features a bandwidth of 200MHz, two-channels and provides 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate for each channel. The 8-inch 800*480 TFT LCD display and the minimum 1mV/div vertical range allow the GDS-2202E to measure complex feeble signals and clearly display measurement results. With respect to the memory depth, the GDS-2202E digital oscilloscope provides 10M long memory for users to completely retrieve and analyze waveforms. Users, based upon the application requirements, can select 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M or 10M memory depth. Short memory depth collocating with the high sampling rate allows users to observe fast-changing waveforms and, on the other hand, long memory depth aims for continuously changing waveforms.

The GDS-2202E is equipped with waveform search and segmented memory functions to expand the flexible applications of 10M long memory. The segmented memory can be divided into 29,000 sections max. for users to bypass any unimportant waveforms so as to swiftly search all required waveforms. With the function, more meaningful waveforms can be saved and target waveforms can be displayed rapidly. With the waveform search function, users can rapidly search desired waveforms according to the required trigger conditions.

Waveform Update Rate of 120,000 wfm/s and VPO Waveform Display Technology


The GDS-2202E digital oscilloscope allows users to easily and completely observe inrush signals and rare transient waveforms to increase waveform debugging efficiency by using features, including advanced VPO (Visual Persistence Oscilloscope) signal processing technology, waveform update rate as high as 120,000 wfm/s, and multi-layered afterglow display to enhance waveform display efficiency. Oscilloscope with VPO technology displays signals with three dimensional waveforms constructing by amplitude, time and signal strength to show each waveform point. 256 color gradients yield clear waveform changes. Comparing with the conventional digital storage oscilloscope, the GDS-2202E provides more natural and more genuine signal display effect which is very close to the original analog signal.

Small Signal Autoset Retrieving Capability

The Autoset function of the GDS-2202E can retrieve waveforms as fast as 0.7 seconds. The GDS-2202E assists users to rapidly retrieve waveforms of small signals equivalent to 8mV/30Hz.

Dual Display Screen Zoom-In and Play/Pause Functions

The GDS-2202E provides the dual display screen zoom-in function to simultaneously display waveforms and major target areas. Users can zoom in display area by adjusting time/div. Under zoom-in mode, waveforms can be played or paused so as to automatically view all input waveforms on the moving zoom-in screen. Users can swiftly identify each desired event. Manual control play speed and direction can be adjusted according to the users' requirements. Press "Pause" to stop the play function. With "waveform search", all desired events from different stages can be rapidly identified and examined back and forth. The GDS-2202E is capable of swiftly searching signals and observing signals' details. 10M long memory depth provides the function of complete waveform retrieval and analysis.

36 Items of Auto Measurement Selection and the Statistics Function

The GDS-2202E oscilloscope is equipped with 36 different automatic measurement parameter functions. After obtaining measured waveforms, users can select different measurement parameters from the Measure key, depending on the measurement requirements. The GDS-2202E simultaneously shows eight sets of different measurement parameters on the bottom of the display screen. Users can also select the option to show all parameters, if the preset eight sets are insufficient. Once the selection is made, all 36 measurement parameters will be shown on the center of the display screen. The statistics mode can also be selected for users to analyze the mean value, the maximum, the minimum, and standard deviation of the retrieved waveforms to ensure signal’s integrity and identify abnormal waveforms.

Digital Filter Function

Engineers are often troubled by noise interference while measuring signals in the electric circuit tests. The GDS-2202E series features the digital filter function which can be set to high pass or low pass digital filter. Digital filter allows users to independently set filter frequency for each channel. The tracking on function rapidly sets the same filter frequency for all channels.

Data Log Function

Users, via the data log function, can observe waveform changes in long periods of time to ensure product reliability or measure sporadically appeared signals. The data log function, based on the requirements, can set record time and interval. Record time can be selected from 5 minutes to 100 hours, and record interval is 5 seconds minimum. Waveform type for record data and CSV file format for each channel can also be selected. Data can be stored in USB drive, the GDS-2202E or the remote computer via LAN.

Support I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN Serial Bus Trigger and Decoding Function

The serial bus technology has been widely applied in the present embedded application design. How to rapidly and correctly trigger and analyze serial bus data has posed a difficult challenge to engineers. The GDS-2202E provides serial bus analysis function and 10M long memory depth to trigger, decode, and analyze frequently used I2C, SPI ,UART serial bus and CAN/LIN bus, which is often used by automotive communications.

Waveform Search Function

Users can rapidly search desired waveforms according to the trigger condition. After activating the search function, hollow inverted triangles will show the location met by the trigger condition. The upper left hand corner Overall will show the total number of waveforms that met the trigger condition. Users can set waveform search by the trigger condition such as Edge, pulse width, Runt, Rise/Fall, and Bus. When the trigger condition is met, hollow inverted triangles will appear. Users can save all marks to compare with the next input signal.

Segmented Memory Function

To achieve the most ideal application for memory depth, the GDS-2202E has the built-in segmented memory function. The segmented memory function allows users to select the desired important signals for observation. Hence, insignificant signals can be neglected and serial bus decoding; pulse or inrush signals can be identified when retrieving signals. The segmented memory function of the GDS-2202E allows users to select the number of sections. The maximum sections that can be selected is 29,000. After activating the function, users can select and observe the waveform for each segment by turning the Variable knob. The ultimate application of memory depth, therefore, is completely realized. Users can also select "analyze segments" to conveniently obtain the analysis results

1M FFT Frequency Domain Display Function

The FFT function of the GDS-2202E provides the maximum 1M display for more precision frequency domain display. The function supports four window displays, including Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, and Black-harris. Users select window display for frequency domain analysis according to test requirements. The GDS-2202E not only provides the FFT function but also FFTrms, vertical adjustment, and local zoom-in functions for users to adjust waveforms of frequency domain by their requirements. Via rapid waveform update rate and waveform search functions, users can precisely observe the test results of frequency domain.

Digital Voltage Meter

The integrated digital voltage meter provides three-digit voltage meter and five-digit frequency counter. Its function includes tests for AC rms, DC, DC rms, period and frequency. Under the limited resources, engineers can simultaneously monitor voltage and frequency as well as conduct complex measurement for signal trigger to elevate the R&D efficiency. This feature is very convenient for users to grasp the actual issue, diagnose and debug system circuit.

  • 1 - Quick Start Guide
  • 1 - User Manual CD-ROM
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - 200MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable passive probe for GDS-2202E/2204E (one per channel)
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