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Instek GOM-802GPRS

Programmable DC Milliohm Meter, 9 Ranges, 30 mOhm to 3 MOhm, RS232C & GPIB, 120V

Brand: Instek
Model No: GOM-802GPRS
Our Model No: GOM802GPRS
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 30000 Counts Display
  • High Accuracy 0.05%
  • Hi/Lo Comparator and Limit Percent Setting
  • Measurement of REL, Actual and % Value
  • Manual or Autoranging
  • Continuous or Triggered Measurement mode
  • Temperature Compensation and Measurement
  • Four-Terminal Measurement Technique
  • Auto-Recall Last Setting After Power OFF and ON again
  • Alarm Setting for PASS / FAIL
  • Scan, Handler Interface
  • RS-232C, GPIB Interface

The Instek GOM-802GPRS is a high-precision, manual and auto-ranging, programmable DC Milliohm meter suitable for low resistance measurements of switches, relays, connectors, PCB tracks and a variety of other low resistance devices. The Instek GOM802GPRS supports 4-wire Kelvin resistance measurements for faster, consistent and accurate results. Last setting recall allows the last test setting used to be set at turn on.

The GOM802GPRS has nine, measurement ranges from 30 milliohm to 3 Megaohm, a constant current source of 1 microamp to 1 Amp, an accuracy of 0.05%, 1 microohm resolution. The ability to choose between high measurement accuracy with 7 samples/sec (full scale at 30000) or high speed measurements with 30 samples/sec (full scale at 3000) allows the GOM-802 the flexibility to fulfill a number of different measurement roles.

A built-in, easy-to-use, comparator function (HI-LO-GO) allows upper and lower limits for pass/fail testing. The alarm buzzer can be used in conjunction with the comparator function. The flexible handler interface allows the monitoring of the status of the pass/fail testing. The relative feature enables the GOM-802GPRS to easily compensate for any stray resistance. The handler interface outputs the status of PASS, FAIL, HI, LO, READY and EOT signals. Up to 20 different sets of HI-LO-GO settings can be stored to satisfy a number of different testing conditions.

The included RS-232 and GPIB option is for computer control applications.

  • GPIB and RS232 Functionality
  • 1 - User Manual on CD
  • 1 - Quick Start Guide
  • 1 - Programming Manual
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Output terminal cover
  • 1 - Type A-B USB Cable (GTL-246)
  • 1 - Analog connector plug set (GTL-308)
  • 1 - Chassis connection wire.
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