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Instek PEL-3021

Programmable DC Electronic Load 175W, 35A

Brand: Instek
Model No: PEL-3021
Our Model No: PEL3021
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 175 Watt, 35 Amp Output
  • Operating voltage (DC):1.5V~150V
  • Parallel Connection of Inputs for Higher Capacity (Max: 9,450W) Support of High Slew Rate:Max 16A/us
  • Sequence Function for High Efficient Load Simulations Commands are compatible with Kikusui PLZ-4W model.
  • Dynamic(Switching) Function:0.0166Hz-20kHz
  • Adjustable OCP / OVP / OPP / UVP Setting
  • External Channel Control / Monitoring via Analog Control Connector
  • 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display
  • Multi Interface : USB 2.0 Device / Host , RS-232 , GPIB (Optional)

The Instek PEL-3021 is a single-channel, programmable D.C. electronic load with 0.01mA current resolution and 16A/μs current Slew Rate, is designed for testing server power supply and SPS (Switching Power Supply) for commercial and industrial computers. For a heavy-duty device like cloud ecosystem running 24-hour nonstop operations, a stable and high-power power supply, ranging from 175W to 1500W, is required to maintain the normal operation of server, Hub, and the equipment of data storage and internet communications. The flexible power combination of PEL-3000 series electronic loads meet the test requirements of present high-power power supply.

  • 1 - Quick Start Guide
  • 1 - User Manual (CD)
  • 1 - Load input terminal Cover
  • 2 - Sets of type M8 bolts/nuts/springs/washers
  • 1 - Power Cord
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GRA-414-E Instek GRA414E 19" Rack Mount Kit 3U Size, (EIA) for PEL-3021/3041/3111 Add to Cart
Sale $158.40
GRA-414-J Instek GRA414J 19" Rack Mount Kit, 3U Size, (JIS) for PEL-3021/3041/3111 Add to Cart
Sale $158.40
GTL-120 Instek GTL-120 Test Lead PEL-2000 [terminated wire on both ends] Approx 47.25" Add to Cart
Sale $22.00
GTL-246 Instek GTL-246 USB Cable 2.0 A-A Type Add to Cart
Sale $10.03
GTL-248 Instek GTL-248 GPIB Cable 2.0M Length Add to Cart
Sale $154.00
GTL-251 Instek GTL-251 GPIB-USB [high speed] Add to Cart
Sale $1,152.80
GTL-252 Instek GTL252 Frame Link Cable (550mm) Add to Cart
Sale $57.20
GTL-255 Instek GTL255 Frame Link Cable (300mm) Add to Cart
Sale $44.00
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (334 KB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (7.6 MB)
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