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Instek GDM-8342GP

50,000 Counts Dual Measurement Multimeter w/ USB Storage/Host/GPIB

Brand: Instek
Model No: GDM-8342GP
Our Model No: GDM8342GP
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 50,000 counts, VFD display
  • Dual measurement/Dual display
  • Selectable measurement speeds, the maximum: 40 Readings/s for DCV
  • The basic precision of DC voltage: 0.02%
  • Auto/manual Ranging
  • True RMS (AC,AC+DC) measurements
  • 11 different measurement functions
  • Max./Min., REL, MX+B, 1/X, Ref%, Compare, Hold, dB, dBm
  • Standard USB device interface to connect with a computer
  • Temperature measurement function
  • USB storage for Data collection

Instek GDM-8342GP Dual Measurement Multimeters had exceptional features that include 50,000 counts, VFD dual-display, 0.02% basic DC voltage accuracy and a USB protocol connector to provide users with measurement precision, lucid data observation, and the convenience to connect with the personal computer.

The GDM-8342GP not only support the fundamental measurement items provided by general multimeters, but also os equiped with capacitance and temperature measurement functions. Furthermore, it also provides many auxiliary functions to meet the measurement requirements for manufacturing process tests, educational experiments and testing facilities.

With respect to storing and retrieving data, the GDM-8342GP has two methods to offer: first, the USB flash drive storage function — operating alone without connecting with a computer; second, USB interface (virtual COM port) and optional GPIB interface (must be installed in factory) for automatic measurement system users to conveniently save and retrieve data.

The GDM-8342GP provides USB flash drive storage function, which allows users to conveniently save data in USB flash drive, through a simple and proper setting. This unique function nit only saves operating time, but also cuts down the cost and time of developing programs. The USB flash drive storage function incorporates two modes - basic and advanced, which can be selected from the front panel. Also it alows each flash drive to establish 100 folders.

Selectable Measurement Speeds

Selectable Measurement Speeds

The GDM-8342 has three selectable measurement speeds-fast/medium/slow. For instance, the DC voltage measurement can reach 40 readings per second on the fast mode, wich can maximize the effectiveness of each measurement.

Dual Measurement/Dual Display

Dual Measurement/Dual Display

The GDM-8342 equips with dual display to support the possible combinations of measurement items. For example, the DC voltage and current or DC voltage with AC element will appear when monitoring components of test wiring. The resuts of each measurement will simultaneously appear on different displays that not only save users' precious time but also exempt users from the trouble of selecting displays while reading measurement results.

  • 1 - Safety Instruction Sheet
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - GTL-207 Test Lead
  • 1 - User's Manual, USB Driver w/ PC Software CD
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