Innoventions AST Adapter, Discontinued

The AST ADAPTER is designed to test the 64-pin AST memory modules with capacities of 1M and 4M. These modules are configured as x36 bits and they typically include 9 1MegX4 chips for the 4M module or 9 256Kx4 chips for the 1M module. The AST modules are made either with or without the WRITE-PER-BIT feature. SIMCHECK automatically identifies if the AST module is a WRITE-PER-BIT module. Such WRITE- PER-BIT modules are equipped with a special WRITE-PER-BIT DRAM chip for the four parity bits.

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The adapter tests 1M and 4M modules and provides detailed indications of detected faults. The adapter is rated for a test range of 45nS to 150nS access time. An LED indicator identifies the AST modules which use pin 61 as a PResence Detection line (PRD).


Connect the adapter to your SIMCHECK SIP ZIF (green) socket when SIMCHECK is either ON or OFF.

Insert the 64-pin AST module into the SIMM ZIF socket just like the standard 30-pin module. The socket will accept the module only in the correct orientation.

CAUTION: This device uses an expensive, state of the art SIMM Socket, which is designed for easy insertion and removal of the tested modules. Do not use excessive force to insert the modules as you may break the insertion pins on the socket's levers.

Once the AST module is inserted, press F1 to start the test. It proceeds along our BASIC, EXTENSIVE, and AUTO-LOOP tests in accordance with the regular SIMCHECK PLUS module tests. An LED in the lower left corner of the AST adapter is turned on during the tests.

The WRITE-PER-BIT feature is identified with a "w/b" marker on the upper right corner of the display during BASIC test (and similar test sections in the EXTENSIVE test). At the end of BASIC test you will hear a beep along with a message if the module has the WRITE-PER- BIT feature.

Required EPROM Version: 1.50 or above.

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