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IDEAL 61-958
SureTest Circuit Tracer
See: Ideal 61-959

  • Numeric value and audible signal provide quick and easy-to-understand tracing feedback
  • Receiver display rotates automatically for easy viewing
  • Identifies breakers and fuses
  • Pinpoints opens and shorts
  • Traces wires behind walls
  • "0-99" display of signal strength
  • Audible intensifies in tone/pitch
  • Works on energized or de-energized circuits
  • Four modes of sensitivity - search high, search low, trace, and breaker
  • Peak bar graph
  • Can be used on circuits 0-600V AC/DC
  • 2-year warranty
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Product Information
Datasheet 825 KB
Manual 1.2 MB
PDF Help
The SureTest Circuit Tracers are powerful, versatile, easy-to-use troubleshooting test tools for finding breakers and hidden wire problems in residential/commercial/industrial environments. These tracers work on closed (energized) and open (de-energized) circuits. They identify circuit breakers, find opens and shorts, and trace wires behind walls and underground.

The tracers are available in three configurations. Each kit contains the same transmitter(TR-958) and test lead kit (TL-958). The 954 kit has a Receiver (RC-954) with a 7-digit LED screen and a Hard Case (C-954). The 956 has a Receiver (RC-958) with a rotating, super-bright OLED display and an AC/DC power indicator, and a Hard Case (C-954). The 958 also has the high-end Receiver (RC-958), adds an Inductive Clamp (IC-958) with Battery Pack (BP-958), and a larger Hard Case (C-958).

Kit Contents 61-954 61-956 61-958
Transmitter TR-958 TR-958 TR-958
Receiver RC-954 RC-958 RC-958
Tracer Test Lead Set TL-958 TL-958 TL-958
Inductive Clamp     IC-958
Battery Pack     BP-958
Hard Carrying Case C-954 C-954 C-958
Batteries Included
Instruction Manual Included
Ordering Information
ModelDescriptionBuy Online Price
61958Ideal 61-958 SureTest Open/Closed Circuit Tracer, de-energized/energized circuits 0-600V AC/DC Discontinued
See: 61-959
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Receiver
  • 1 - Transmitter
  • 1 - Test Lead Kit
  • 1 - Hard Case
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
Replacement Parts
TR-958 Ideal TR-958 SureTest Circuit Tracers, 600V AC/DC GFCI, tests de-energized circuitsDiscontinued
RC958 RC958 Ideal RC-958 Receiver CIR TRCR, OLED, peak detecting, 0-99 numeric signal strength, rotating display Discontinued
See: RC-959
RC-959   IDEAL Electrical RC-959 SureTrace Open/Closed Circuit Tracer Receiver Buy Now Sale $474.46
(Reg. $515.72)
IC-958 IDEAL Electrical IC-958 Inductive Clamp for Circuit Tracers Buy NowSale $399.75
(Reg. $449.16)
BP-958 IDEAL Electrical BP-958 Battery Pack Buy NowSale $68.76
(Reg. $76.40)
C-954 IDEAL Electrical C-954 Hard Carrying Case for Mulit-Testers Buy NowSale $41.77
(Reg. $43.06)