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IDEAL Networks 33-864

Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe Kit

Brand: IDEAL Networks
Model No: 33-864
Our Model No: 33864
Condition: NEW
Sale $95.84

Tone Generator Product Features:

  • Provides four functions: tone generation, continuity testing, talk battery and line polarity confirmation
  • Built-in regulated signal amplitude generates an unbalanced tone that travels farther on Cat5+ cables
  • Three distinct tones selected from front panel
  • Auto-Off after 3 hours to conserve battery
  • Separate Talk Battery function for added power with craft test sets
  • Tone can be added in any mode
  • Constant tone amplitude over life of the battery
  • RJ jack allows for easy replacement of the lead set or cable assembly
  • Battery cap allows for easy battery replacement
  • 9V battery included

Apmlifier Probe Product Features:

  • Battery cap allows for easy battery replacement
  • Exceptional signal acquisition sensitivity to assure pinpoint identification
  • Adjustable volume control for noisy environments
  • Easy to replace tip without opening the case
  • Battery low indicator to identify when to change battery
  • Recessed on/off button to prevent battery drain
  • 9 Volt battery included

The IDEAL Networks 33-864 Tone & Probe Kit comes with the 66-160 Tone Generator, the 62-164 Amplifier Probe, and a convenient, padded carry pouch.

IDEAL Networks' 62-160 Tone Generator injects a tracing signal into any type of wire for cable tracing. Troubleshoot wire and telephone problems with integrated continuity testing and an analog telephone polarity indicator.

The 62-164 professional quality Amplifier Probe is designed to identify with trace wires or cables within a small group without damaging the insulation. It allows for pin-point identification even in the most congested cable bundles and can be used with any tone generator.

IDEAL Networks 62-160 Tone Generator
IDEAL Networks 62-160
Tone Generator
Amplifier Probe Manual: PDF Document Icon (93 KB)
Tone Generator Manual: PDF Document Icon (133 KB)
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