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IDEAL Networks 33-990-FA04

FiberTEK FDX MM/SM Kit w/Laser Light Sources for Single-Mode Fiber for Lantek II

Status: Discontinued
Replaced By: Not Available

Brand: IDEAL Networks
Model No: 33-990-FA04
Our Model No: 33990FA04
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Combination MM/SM kit with LED MM
  • Optional, space age FiberTEK FDX provides the fastest and only dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification on the market
  • Innovative FiberTEK FDX modules allow complete testing of each fiber strand without swapping transmit- and receive-ports, to get full dual wavelength, bidirectional results
  • Field changeable SC, ST and FC adapters eliminate need for hybrid launch cables
  • Full-duplex optics simplify certification and offer speedy results

The 33-990-FA04 FiberTEK FDX option is a combination muli-/single-mode kit with both LED multimode light sources, and lase light single-mode sources.

The FiberTEK FDX option allows standards compliant fiber optic certification capability to be added to any LanTEK II Series Certifier.

FiberTEK FDX provides fast bi-directional, dual wavelength optical loss (dB) and length measurements meeting Teir 1 certification requirements.

  • 2 - FiberTEK FDX Modules
  • 1 - Semi-Rigid Carrying Case
  • 2 - SC Adapters
  • 2 - FC Adapters
  • 2 - ST Adapters
  • 3 - SC-SC 62.5µm Patch Cords Compliant w/ISO/IEC 14763-3 Standards
  • 3 - SC-SC 50µm Patch Cords Compliant w/ISO/IEC 14763-3 Standards
  • 3 - SC-SC 9µm Patch Cords Compliant w/ISO/IEC 14763-3 Standards
  • 1 - Quick Reference
  • 1 - Electronic Operations Manual
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