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IDEAL Networks 33-993-FA03

LanTEK II 1000 w/FiberTEK FDX Single-Mode Kit

Brand: IDEAL Networks
Model No: 33-993-FA03
Our Model No: 33993FA03
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

LanTEK II 1000 MHz (33-993)

  • 1000 MHz of frequency sweep to certify Cat5E/6/6A/7A cabling
  • Complies with TIA-568 performance standards
  • Accuracy level III
  • High speed testing saves time and money
  • Patented testing method eliminates expensive permanent link adapters, and tests with patch cords for most installations
  • Extraordinary fast fiber testing with FiberTEK FDX, the first dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification tool
  • 4.3 in. wide ultra-bright screen display with white LED backlighting provides easy viewing of high-frequency data plots
  • Smart lithium-ion battery technology with 18 hour battery life and self calibrating “fuel gauge” for accurate capacity readings

FiberTEK FDX Single-Mode Option (33-990-FA03)

  • 1310/1550nm single-mode kit with laser light
  • Optional, space age FiberTEK FDX provides the fastest and only dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification on the market
  • Innovative FiberTEK FDX modules allow complete testing of each fiber strand without swapping transmit- and receive-ports, to get full dual wavelength, bidirectional results
  • Field changeable SC, ST and FC adapters eliminate need for hybrid launch cables
  • Full-duplex optics simplify certification and offer speedy results

The IDEAL Networks 33-993 LanTEK II 1000 w/FiberTEK FDX Single-Mode Kit offers high speed certification with a full 1 GHZ of certification bandwidth - 1000 MHz standard to support CATV, Ethernet and voice in the same cable. Universal adapter system allows use of off-the-shelf patch cords. With 7x the storage capacity of competitors, the IDEAL Networks LanTek II 1000 can store up to 1700 CAT6 results with graphs.

The 33-990-FA03 FiberTEK FDX option is a single-mode kit with laser light sources for single-mode fibers.

FiberTEK FDX modules provide the world’s only dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification available. That’s more than 3x faster than existing testers.

The FiberTEK FDX option allows standards compliant fiber optic certification capability to be added to any LanTEK II Series Certifier; it provides fast bi-directional, dual wavelength optical loss (dB) and length measurements meeting Teir 1 certification requirements.

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1019-00-1105 IDEAL Networks 1019-00-1105 Siemon TERA Cat 7/7A Adapters (2) for LanTEK II 1000MHz-No Patch Cords Discontinued
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6011-50-0027 IDEAL Networks 6011-50-0027 Siemon TERA Cat 7/7A Patch Cords (2) for LanTEK II 1000 MHz Add to Cart Discontinued
33-991 Cable Certifier
IDEAL Networks 33-993
LanTEK II Cable Certifier
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