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IDEAL Electrical TR-955

Transmitter for SureTrace Circuit Tracers

Brand: IDEAL Electrical
Model No: TR-955
Our Model No: TR955
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Tests energized circuits up to 600V AC/DC
  • Tests de-energized circuits
  • Injects a powerful signal into the circuit
  • Can be used on GFCI protected equipment
  • Does not affect sensitive equipment on the circuit
  • Indicated presence of AC/DC voltage
  • Low battery indicator
  • Supplied with four AA batteries
  • Included with all kits

The IDEAL Electrical TR-955 transmitter is able to test energized circuits up to 600 V AC/DC, and can test de-energized circuits as well by injecting a powerful signal into the circuits. It can be used on GFCI Protected equipment and does not affect sensitive equipment on the circuit. It also comes with four AA batteries to power the unit, and a low battery indicator to let the user know when it's time to change them. This transmitter comes included with all SureTrace kits.

  • 4 - AA Batteries
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon 972 KB
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