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IDEAL Electrical 61-164

SureTest Circuit Analyzer

Brand: IDEAL Electrical
Model No: 61-164
Our Model No: 61164
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • Super-bright display
  • High accuracies
  • Measures voltage drop under full load (12A, 15A, 20A load tests)
  • True RMS
  • Line Voltage
  • Peak VoltageFrequency
  • Ground to neutral voltage
  • Ground Impedance
  • Hot and neutral conductor impedances
  • Identifies proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles
  • Identifies false (bootleg) grounds
  • Tests GFCIs and EPDs for proper operation
  • Conducts testing without disturbing sensitive loads
  • Verified isolated grounds (with 61-176 adapter)

The IDEAL Electrical 61-164 SureTest Circuit analyzer utilizes patented technology to "look behind walls" and identify wiring problems that can lead to personal shock hazards, electrical fires, or equipment performance issues. Personal shock hazards stem from poor grounding, false grounds, and/or no ground fault protection. Electrical fires are primarily caused from arc faults and high resistance points that lead to glowing connections in the circuit wiring. And, equipment performance issues arise due to insufficient voltage available under load, poor ground impedance, and high ground-to-neutral voltage. In fact, it's estimated that 80% of power quality performance issues are related to the faulty wiring issues stated above.|The 61-164 analyzer takes only seconds to test each outlet and circuit under a full load. This test tool checks for various wiring conditions including: correct wiring, polarity reversal and no ground per UL-1436. A simple menu gives access to measurements of line voltage, voltage drop under a full load condition, ground-neutral voltage and line impedances. The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) test is performed separately in accordance with UL-1436 and disrupts the electrical supply if a functional GFCI is present.

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