Hioki 3334-10
AC/DC Power HiTester with Input for Current Sensors
See: PW333502

  • Single input for Current sensors
  • High accuracy (0.1% rdg. +/- 0.1% f.s.)
  • Maximum cost performance
  • Multiple functions; Selectable simultaneous display of voltage, current, power
  • Complete Accuracy over a wide input range
  • Measure AC Loads
  • Capture Inrush current with the peak measurement function
  • Intuitive Setting procedures
  • Easy to understand Displays
  • Error checking at a glance
  • Universal power supply
  • PC interface via RS-232C
Click for larger image of the Hioki PW3335-02 Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter with LAN terminal, RS-232C, D/A outputClick for larger image
Hioki PW3335-02 Shown
Product Information
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The Hioki 3334-10 Power HiTESTER offers simple operating procedures and quick and easy-to-understand readings and alarm displays. Settings can be made for obtaining the average of captured data (AVG), VT ratio (conversion ratio), CT ratio, GP-IB address, integration time (from 1 minute to 10,000 hours), and D/A Output Parameters. Information regarding the Hioki 333410 Power HiTESTER's currents status such as display hold, remote control settings, and key lock (to prevent unauthorized recon´Čügurations) can be viewed at a glance. This model version also has an input for current sensors.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Now Price
PW3335-02 Hioki PW3335-02 Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter with LAN terminal, RS-232C, D/A output Discontinued
See: PW333502
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3334-20 Hioki 3334-20 AC/DC Power HiTester with Input for Current Sensors, GP-IB Input Discontinued
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 1 - User manual
Optional Accessories
1196 Hioki 1196, Recording Paper (for 9442 / 25m, 10 rolls) Buy Now $125.00
9151-02 Hioki 9151-02 GP-IB Connector Cable (2 Meter) Buy Now $399.00
9444 Hioki 9444 Connection Cable (for 9442) Buy Now $109.00
9637 Hioki 9637 RS-232C Cable (9pin-9pin/cross/1.8m) Buy Now $47.95
9638 Hioki 9638 RS-233C Cable (9pin to 25pin/cross/1.8m) Buy Now $62.95