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Hioki 3334
AC/DC Power HiTester

  • High accuracy (0.1% rdg. ± 0.1% f.s.)
  • Maximum cost performance
  • Multiple functions; Selectable simultaneous display of voltage, current, power
  • Complete Accuracy over a wide input range
  • Measure AC Loads
  • Capture Inrush current with the peak measurement function
  • Intuitive Setting procedures
  • Easy to understand Displays
  • Error checking at a glance
  • Universal power supply
  • Computer compatible
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Product Information
Datasheet 2.18 MB PDF Datasheet
PDF Help PDF Help
The Hioki 3334 Power HiTESTER offers simple operating procedures and quick and easy-to-understand readings and alarm displays. Settings can be made for obtaining the average of captured data (AVG), VT ratio (conversion ratio), CT ratio, GP-IB address, integration time (from 1 minute to 10,000 hours), and D/A Output Parameters. Information regarding the Hioki 3334 Power HiTESTER's currents status such as display hold, remote control settings, and key lock (to prevent unauthorized reconfigurations) can be viewed at a glance.
Measurement lines Single-phase 2-wires
Measurement items Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Power factor, Frequency, Integration (current, active power), Waveform peak (voltage and current)
Measurement ranges [Voltage] AC/DC 15.000/30.00/150.00/300.0V
[Current] AC/DC 100.00/300.0 mA, 1.0000/3.000/10.000/30.00A
[Power] 1.5000 W〜9.000 kW (combination of voltage and current ranges)
Integration measurement (Integration time up
to 10,000 hours)
[Current] No. of displayed digits: 6 digits (from 0.00000mAh, Polarity-independent integration and Sum value)
[Active power] No. of displayed digits: 6 digits (from 0.00000mWh, Polarity-independent integration and Sum value)
Input resistance Voltage: 2.4 MΩ
Current: 10mΩ or better, (50/60 Hz, direct input)
Basic accuracy ±0.1%rdg. ±0.2%f.s. (DC), ±0.1%rdg. ±0.1%f.s. (45Hz to 66Hz)
Display refresh rate 5 times/second
Frequency characteristics DC, 45 Hz to 5 kHz
Waveform output Parameter output representation: voltage, current and active power (3 simultaneous channels), Output voltage: 1V DC f.s.
Analog output
(D/A output)
Parameter output representation: voltage, current active power and selected 1 item (4 simultaneous channels), Selected 1 item from apparent power, power factor, current integration, active power integration, Output voltage: ±2V DC f.s.
Functions Rectification method switchable between AC+DC (True RMS), DC (simple average), AC (True RMS), Wave peak measurement, VT or CT ratio settings, Average function
Interface RS-232C standard, (Model 3334-01 also includes GP-IB)
Power consumption 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 20VA max.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
3334 Hioki 3334 AC/DC Power HiTester Discontinued
See: PW3335
3334-01 Hioki 3334-01 AC/DC Power HiTester with GP-IB Buy Now Sale $2,174.95
(Reg. $2,420.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 1 - Instructional Manual
Optional Accessories
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9151-02 Hioki 9151-02 GP-IB Connector Cable (2 Meter) Buy Now $399.00
944303 Hioki 9443-03 Printer AC Adapter Discontinued
9444 Hioki 9444 Connection Cable (for 9442) Buy Now $109.00
9637 Hioki 9637 RS-232C Cable (9pin-9pin/cross/1.8m) Buy Now $47.95
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