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Hioki PW6001-12

2-Channel High Precision Power Analyzer, 0.1Hz - 2MHz, Motor Analysis, D/A Output

Brand: Hioki
Model No: PW6001-12
Our Model No: PW600112
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 2-Channel model with motor analysis and D/A output included
  • Basic accuracy of +/-0.02% for power measurement (PW6001 accuracy only. Instrument delivers accuracy of +/-0.07% even after the current sensor accuracy has been added.)
  • High noise resistance and stability (80 dB/100 kHz CMRR, +/-0.01%/ C temperature characteristics)
  • Accurate measurement even when the load is characterized by large fluctuations; TrueHD 18-bit resolution
  • 10 ms data refresh while maintaining maximum accuracy (using a specially designed IC to make all measurements independently while performing simultaneous calculations.)
  • DC basic accuracy of +/-0.07%, which is key for stable, accurate efficiency measurement
  • Broad frequency band and sampling that are 10 times better than those of legacy models
  • Synchronize 2 units for up to 12 channels in real time
  • Models can be connected with an optical connection cable (over a max. length of 500 m) to enable numerical and waveform synchronization.
  • Special triggers to enable waveform analysis and motor analysis without the need for an oscilloscope

Hioki PW600112 benchtop power analyzer is a 2 Channel power measuring instrument with D/A output and motor Analysis functions. The PW6001-12 features high accuracy, wide band, and high stability for measuring electrical power from DC to inverter frequencies. Optional voltage cords and current sensor are required for taking measurements.

0.1 Hz to 2 MHz frequency bandwidth

Power measurements across wide bandwidths are required for supporting high-speed switching devices such as SiC. Compared even to the Hioki 3390 Power Analyzer, the PW6001 is engineered with 10x the frequency band and sampling performance. High accuracy, wideband, and high stability. The Hioki PW6001 combines the 3 important elements of power measurement and basic performance backed by advanced technology to achieve unsurpassed power analysis.

High-speed sampling of 5 MS/s for true frequency analysis

Measurements based on sampling theorem are required to perform an accurate power analysis of PWM waveforms. The Hioki PW6001 features direct sampling of input signals at 5 MS/s, resulting in a measurement band of 2 MHz. This enables analysis without aliasing error.

Fast, simultaneous calculation functions achieved with Power Analysis Engine II

All measurements, including period detection, wideband power analysis, harmonic analysis, and waveform analysis, are digitally processed independently and with no effect on each other. Fast calculation processing is used to achieve a data update speed of 10 ms while maintaining maximum accuracy.

Analyze waveforms without an oscilloscope

In addition to voltage and current waveforms, torque sensor and encoder signals can also be displayed simultaneously. The PW6001 is also built in with triggers, pre-triggers, other triggers convenient for motor analysis such as for PWM waveforms, as well as encoder pulse triggers.

Harmonic analysis up to 1.5 MHz

Wideband harmonic analysis is provided as a standard feature to a max. 100th order for fundamental frequencies 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz and an analysis band of 1.5 MHz. Analysis of fundamental waves in motors and measurement of distortion rate in the transmission waveforms for wireless power supplies are now possible.

Specially designed for current sensors to achieve highly precise measurement

This reduces the effects of wiring and meter loss, allowing measurements with wiring conditions that are close to the actual operating environment for a highly efficient system. - Short wiring, Little effect from routing, Small insertion loss.

High-accuracy clamp current sensor

The CT684x series feature broad temperature characteristics and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, allowing them to be used in operational evaluations of devices and inside equipment that are subject to extreme temperature changes. The current sensors’ tough performance helps ensure you can make the measurements you need.

Seamless Operation

Time spent on operations is reduced, to allow focused concentration on analysis. The PW6001 has a 9" touch screen with soft keypad and dual knobs for vertical/horizontal manipulation of waveforms. The built-in easy setup function allows you to simply select the type of measurement line and immediately start measurement using the automated optimum settings.

Diverse motor analysis functions

Enter signals from torque meters and speed meters to measure motor power. In addition to motor parameters such as motor power and electrical angle, output signals from insolation meters and wind speed meters can also be measured.

D/A output supporting wavefrom output

Output analog measurement data at update rates of up to 10ms. Combine with a data logger to record long-term fluctuations, and use the built-in waveform output function to output voltage and current at 1 MS/s. (During waveform output, accurate reproduction is possible at an output of 1 MS/s and with a sine wave up to 50 kHz.)

  • 1 - User manual
  • 1 - Power cord
  • 1 - D-sub connector
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PW6001 Power Analyzer 0 02% Accuracy Power Analysis to Test Inverter Efficiency
PW6001 Power Analyzer 0 02% Accuracy Power Analysis to Test Inverter Efficiency
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (5.49 MB)
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