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Hioki DSM-8542

4 Channel Digital Super Megohmmeter, 1000V DC

Brand: Hioki
Model No: DSM-8542
Our Model No: DSM8542
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Measure insulation resistance of capacitive/highly insulated materials at high speed with high accuracy
  • 4-channel version of the DSM-8104 (Not available for testing voltage output), measurement or other functions are the same as DSM-8104 specifications
  • Simultaneous 4-channel measurement capabilities available when combined with the PSU-8541

The Hioki DSM-8542 Super Megohmmeter is a capacitance and high insulation resistance meter with a 0.1 fA resolution for testing current. The DSM8542 is a four-channel meter, ideal for practical measurement applications in semiconductor and electronic materials research.

Fast measurement for improved productivity

Capacitive insulating materials are quickly charged by bulk charging terminals to 250 V (at 50 mA) or to 1,000 V (at 10 mA) using a high-capacity, low-noise power source.

The 100 Ω input impedance remains constant regardless of measurement voltage.

Measurement sampling time can be set from 2 to 300 ms to support high speed measurements.

Measurement time is significantly shortened by a patented averaging method (optimization of average time of acceptance of measurement current.)

The installed charging terminals and handler interface make system support easy.

The DSM-8542 provides high-speed simultaneous measurements on up to four channels when used together with the optional, special-purpose PSU-8541 Power Supply Unit.

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Shown with option SME-8310

Numerous functions enhance operating efficiency

Use in combination with the optional SME-8310/8311 Flat Sample Test Fixtures, or with the optional SME-8330 Fluid Resistivity Cell to measure and automatically display surface resistivity or volume resistivity, respectively.

Use the DM-8542 to Enhance Electronic Component Automated Production Lines

High-Speed Measurement of Capacitors by Charging with the Charge Terminal

Twenty channels are used to charge (with current limiting) in parallel using the same voltage as used for measurement. Each terminal is independently current limited.

Each capacitor is charged for the specified time before connection to a measurement terminal for leakage current measurement.

Because there are 20 charging channels and 4 measurement channels, the time required for charging prior to leakage current measurement can be shortened to one fifth of the time required when using the measurement terminals only, increasing measurement throughout by factor of five.

Evaluation of insulating materials by four-point simultaneous high-speed measurement

For reliability testing of insulation deterioration due to migration of metallic ions in printed circuit boards, measurements are taken simultaneously on four channels, and short intermittent peak current is detected by high-speed measurement (repeated maxima).

  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Manual
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.75 MB)
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