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Hioki IM3523
LCR Meter

Capacitance measurement for production lines

  • ± 0.05% accuracy with wide measurement range (DC, 40Hz to 200kHz, 5mV to 5V, 10uA to 50mA)
  • Non-stop testing over mixed measurement conditions such as C-D and ESR at 10 times the speed of previous models
  • Built-in comparator and BIN functions
  • Rapid 2msec test time
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Product Information
Datasheet 2.3 MB PDF
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The Hioki IM3523 LCR Meter is a highly cost-effective testers that provides greater performance and better functionality than previous HIOKI models, such as a high basic accuracy of ±0.05%, a wide measurement frequency from 40 Hz to 200 kHz, highspeed measurement of up to 2 ms, highly reliable measurement using the contactcheck function, and measurement of turn ratio and mutual inductance.

This product is not supplied with measurement probes or test fixtures. Please select and purchase the measurement probe or test fixture options appropriate for your application separately. All probes are constructed with a 1.5D-2V coaxial cable. For an RS-232C connection: A crossover cable for interconnection can be used. You can use the RS-232C CABLE 9637 without hardware flow control.

Specification IM3523
Measurement modes LCR, Continuous testing
Measurement parameters Z, Y, θ, Rs (ESR), Rp, Rdc (DC resistance), X, G, B, Cs, Cp, Ls, Lp, D (tanδ), Q
Measurement range 100 mΩ to 100 MΩ, 10 ranges (All parameters are defined in terms of Z)
Display range Z, Y, Rs, Rp, Rdc, X, G, B, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp : ±(0.000000 [unit] to 9.999999G [unit], real value display for Z and Y only
θ : ±(0.000° to 999.999°), D : ±(0.000000 to 9.999999)
Q : ±(0.00 to 99999.99), Δ % : ±(0.0000% to 999.9999%)
Basic accuracy Z : ±0.05%rdg. θ: ±0.03°
Measurement frequency 40 Hz to 200kHz (1mHz to 10Hz steps)
Measurement signal level Normal mode
V mode, CV mode: 5 mV to 5 Vrms, 1 mVrms steps
CC mode: 10 μA to 50 mArms, 10 μArms steps
Output impedance Normal mode: 100 Ω
Display Monochrome LCD
Measurement time 2 ms (1 kHz, FAST, representative value)
Functions Comparator, Classification measurement (BIN function), Panel loading/ saving, Memory function
Interface EXT I/O (handler), USB communication (high-speed)
Optional: Choose 1 from RS-232C, GP-IB, or LAN
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA max
Dimensions, mass 260 mm (10.24 in) W × 88 mm (3.46 in) H × 203 mm (7.99 in) D, 2.4 kg (84.7 oz)
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
IM3523 Hioki IM3523 LCR Meter. 40 Hz to 200 kHz, highspeed measurement of up to 2 ms.  Buy Now $2,955.00
Included Accessories
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 CD-R (Includes PC commands and sample software)
  • 1 Manual
Optional Accessories
Probe and Test Fixtures
L2000 Hioki L2000 Test Leads, Four Terminal. DC to 5 MHz, 1 Meter  Buy Now $1,099.00
9262 Hioki 9262 Test Fixture (Direct Connection Type)  Buy Now $615.00
9263 Hioki 9263 SMD Test Fixture (Direct Connection Type)  Buy Now $1,225.00
9677 Hioki 9677 SMD Test Fixture for LCR  Buy Now $1,395.00
9699 Hioki 9699 Test Fixture  Buy Now $1,635.00
PC Communication
Z3000 Hioki Z3000 GP-IB Interface  Buy Now $595.00
Z3001 Hioki Z3001 RM-232C Interface  Buy Now $495.00
Z3002 Hioki Z3002 LAN Interface  Buy Now $595.00