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Hioki IM3533-01

LCR Meter with Frequency Sweep Testing, High Speed Measurement up to 2 ms

Brand: Hioki
Model No: IM3533-01
Our Model No: IM353301
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Frequency sweep testing
  • Wide band 1mHz to 200kHz LCR Meter for R&D Applications to Windings, Coil and Transformer Manufacturing
  • +/- 0.05% accuracy with wide measurement range (DC, 1mHz to 200kHz, 5mV to 5V, 10uA to 50mA)
  • Non-stop testing over mixed measurement conditions such as C-D and ESR at 10 times the speed of previous models
  • Built-in low impedance high precision mode effective for testing low inductance or the ESR of aluminum electrolysis capacitance
  • Dedicated modes for measuring transformer winding ratio, mutual inductance and temperature compensated DCR
  • 2m/4m cable setting in addition to the standard 0m/1m

The Hioki IM3533-01 advanced function model offers mutual inductance and inductance difference measurements of transformers and coils, and are integrated with an internal DC bias to facilitate HDMI compliance testing.

Transformer measurement

Turn ratio N, mutual inductance M, and inductance difference ΔL can be measured on the transformer measurement screen.

DCR measurement with temperature compensation

For DCR measurement of inductor and transformer windings, mea-surement can be performed while compensating for temperature. (Temperature Probe 9478 (option) is required for DCR measurement with temperature compensation.)

Simultaneously display 4 parameters (for normal measurement)

For normal measurement, four parameters can be displayed simultaneously. This makes it easy to check parameters by comparing them with each other.

Functions and features to simplify operation

Instrument mode indicators

Indicators allow you to identify the operating conditions of the instrument even when the touch screen is off.

Power indicator

The power indicator allows you to identify the on/off status of the LCR meter even when integrated into automated machinery or the LCD display is off.

Easy touch screen operation

A touch screen with intuitive operation is inherited from previous models. Furthermore, the incorporation of a color LCD means the display is easy to view, and outstanding, easy-to-understand operability helps improve work efficiency.

Advanced Function Features:

Frequency Sweep

Measurements can be performed automatically at up to 801 frequency points by specifying the frequency range or in the frequency list mode. The measurement results can be saved to a USB fl ash drive or to a computer via an interface, which then can be used to perform frequency analysis of samples.

Cable length setting to 0m/1m and 2m/4m with guaranteed accuracy

The cable length can be set to 0m/1m (common for the series) and to 2m/4m for the IM3533-01. Even when the measurement cable needs to be extended in laboratories and for automated machinery, the maxi-mum performance can be ensured and the maximum accuracy can be guaranteed. When using an extension cable, be sure to refer to the instruction manual.

  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - CD-R (Includes PC commands and sample software)
  • 1 - Insruction Manual
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Hioki IM3533 LCR Meter
Hioki IM3533 LCR Meter
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (2.37 MB)
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