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Hioki 3511-50

Compact, Dual Band 120Hz/1kHz LCR HiTester

Brand: Hioki
Model No: 3511-50
Our Model No: 351150
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • High speed measurement: 5 ms (1 kHz) or 13 ms (120 Hz)
  • Built-in high-speed comparator
  • Measurement frequency: 1 kHz/120 Hz selectable
  • From minute measurement with a maximum resolution of 0.01 pF to high-capacity measurement up to 1 F
  • Print measured values and comparator results with the Printer 9442 (option)

The Hioki 3511-50 is a compact, general purpose LCR meter for on-board testing of capacitors and coils used in electrical equipment and devices such as automotive-related components.

Better Speed, Better Accuracy and Better Size!

Minimum measurement time of 5 ms
Three sampling rates can be selected: FAST, NORMAL and SLOW. The minimum measurement time of 5 ms (with 1 kHz/|Z| display) gives rapid sampling for improved production line efficiency. (Differs with the measurement frequency and display parameters.)

High resolution and high measurement accuracy
The measurement resolution provides a full five digits, and the basic measurement accuracy is ±0.08%.

RS-232C interface as standard feature
With the exception of turning the power on or off, all the basic functions can be controlled from a PC. Use of a PC enables efficient data management, processing, and setting of measurement conditions, plus a variety of other functions. A GP-IB interface can also be installed as an option.

Trigger signals, recording ON/OFF, and loading of measurement conditions can be externally controlled. Complete interface allows the unit to be used as an automatic instrument where comparator results, measurement-completed signals, etc., can be output to an external device.

Comparator function
Upper limit and lower limit values can be set for both the main parameters (any of Z or C or L or R) and sub-parameters (any of 0 or D or Q). The measurement results are signaled by a buzzer and LED indication and can also be output to an external source. The output is separated into main- and sub-parameter measurement results together with AND.

Memory for 99 sets of measurement conditions
Up to 99 sets of measurement conditions, including comparator values, provide rapid response to constantly changing components on flexible production lines. These conditions can also be externally switched via the EXT.I/O.

Compact size
The small dimensions, 210 (W) × 100 (H) × 168 (D) mm, approximately 2.5 kg (4.00"W × 8.30"H × 6.60"D; 88 oz. approx.), make it easy to incorporate the instrument into production lines.

  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Spare Fuse
  • 1 - Intruction Manual
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Hioki 3511 LCR HiTester
Hioki 3511 LCR HiTester
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (249 KB)
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