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Hioki IM7585-02

Measurement Frequency Impedance Analyzer, 1MHz to 1.3GHz with 2m Connection Cable

Brand: Hioki
Model No: IM7585-02
Our Model No: IM758502
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 1 MHz to 1.3 GHz testing source frequency
  • Measurement Resolution: 100 kHz
  • Fastest test speed of 0.5 msec
  • +/-0.65% rdg. basic accuracy
  • Compact, half-rack footprint with space-saving test head
  • Comprehensive contact check (via DCR testing, Hi-Z reject or waveform judgement)
  • Make frequency sweeps, level sweeps and time interval measurements in Analyzer Mode
  • Includes a 2 meter connection cable

The Hioki IM7585-02 Impedance Analyzer offers a top measurement time of 0.5ms over a 1MHz to 1.3GHz frequency range and superior stability, making it ideal for R&D as well as high volume production of ferrite chip beads and chip inductors.

Test head for the IM7585

Stable measurement across a broad range

To achieve favorable frequency characteristics, Hioki carried out a design true to their basic principles for the individual circuits, board patterning, and case structure.

Numerical analysis and in-depth verification is used to optimize the shield structure and the shape of the internal board pattern, thus fitting all the technology necessary to achieve optimal frequency characteristics from 100 kHz to 3 GHz into a compact body.

For the test head measurement terminals, in order to improve their measurement accuracy over a wide range, 3.5 mm (0.14 in) connectors with a wide frequency range are used, which also boast better removability than other microwave connectors.

Measurement technology that adds superior ability

The measurement portion uses a high resolution A/D converter. By controlling the input signal's level and frequency, the A/D converter's dynamic range can be utilized to the fullest, achieving measurement with a wide impedance range and minimum variability. In the sub FPGA, built into analog circuits, the digital filter applied optimally for each circuit shuts out noise. At the main FPGA, the 64-bit floating point computation is put through a multi-layered pipeline to achieve high-speed computational processing with little margin of error. This helps increase the stability and speed of measurements.

Large solid shield for improved performance

Each section uses a solid shield carved to match the on-board pattern or IC shape, thus reducing internal coupling. The shield also reduces external radiation and improves noise resistance, meeting a high level of EMC, despite being the lightest in its class.

Space-saving Half-rack Size

Compact form factor – 2 analyzers fit side-by-side on a full-size rack. Remarkably lightweight and compact for a measuring instrument of this class.

Large display for easy operation

Customize the large screen according to desired brightness, color, and text size to fit your environment. Highly responsive touch screen makes measurement settings and adjustments even easier.

Test head fits the in palm of your hand

The slim profile of the test head lets you install it close to the measurement target to help minimize influence from noise and other effects and enabling more accurate mea-surement.

Dual measurement modes

Display up to four measurement parameters simultaneously.

LCR Mode

Use LCR Mode to make measurements by applying the desired frequency and level signal to the component being measured. This mode is ideal for evaluating passive samples such as capacitors and coils.

Analyzer mode

Use Analyzer Mode to perform measurement while sweeping through a range of measurement frequencies and measurement signal levels. This mode is ideal for checking frequency characteristics and level characteristics.

  • 1 - Power cord
  • 1 - Test Head
  • 1 - 2m connection cable
  • 1 - Instruction manual
  • 1 - Application Disc
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Hioki IM7585 Impedance Analyzer
Hioki IM7585 Impedance Analyzer
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (3.77 MB)
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