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Hioki MR8847-51

16-channel Fully Isolated Memory HiCorder, 20MS/s with 64MW Memory, Main Unit Only

Brand: Hioki
Model No: MR8847-51
Our Model No: MR884751
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 64MW memory, main unit only, input modules sold separately
  • Supports a wide variety of measurements with total of 13 plug-in modules
  • Generate and record in a single unit
  • Direct 1000 V high voltage input testing
  • High-speed sampling up to 20MS/s with fully isolated inputs
  • 16 analog + 16 logic channels to 64 logic + 10 analog channels
  • High-speed sampling with waveform judgement function
  • Soil-resistant construction strong against adverse working environments
  • Big buttons coated to withstand industrial oil and residue
  • Drop-in paper loading and one-touch setup, along with high-speed 50mm/s printing

The Hioki MR8847-51 Memory HiCorde is a high-speed waveform monitoring and recording device that can simultaneously measure multiple physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, weight, acceleration and rotation due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel to the ground.

  • 1 - Instruction Manual
  • 1 - Measurement Guide
  • 1 - Application Disk
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Input cord label
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - Printer paper
  • 1 - Roll paper attachement
  • 1 - Ferrite Clamp
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9231 Hioki 9231 Recording Paper for the 8841, 8842 (6 Rolls) Add to Cart


U8331 Hioki U8331 *Internal Option* Built-in 128GB SSD Unit for the MR8847 Series Add to Cart


9784 Hioki 9784 *Internal Option* DC Power Unit for MR8847, Factory Installed Add to Cart


9728 Hioki 9728 Compact PC Flash Card, 512 MB Add to Cart


9729 Hioki 9729 Compact PC Flash Card, 1 GB Add to Cart


8966 Hioki 8966 Analog Unit, Waveform Measurement, 12-bit Resolution Add to Cart


8967 Hioki 8967 2 Channel Temperature Input Module Add to Cart


8968 Hioki 8968 High Resolution Unit, Waveform Measurement, 16-bit Resolution Add to Cart


8969 Hioki 8969 Strain Unit, Waveform Measurement, 16-bit Resolution Add to Cart


8970 Hioki 8970 Frequency Unit, Rotation and Pulse Measurement Add to Cart


8971 Hioki 8971 Current Measuring Module with Current Sensor Add to Cart


8972 Hioki 8972 DC/RMS Unit, Waveform Measurement and RMS Graphs Add to Cart


8973 Hioki 8973 16-Channel Logic Unit Add to Cart


MR8990 Hioki MR8990 2-channel Digital Voltmeter Unit for Memory HiCorders Add to Cart


U8974 Hioki U8974 1000V High-voltage Direct Input Module Add to Cart


U8793 Hioki U8793 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit for Memory HiCorders Add to Cart


MR8791 Hioki MR8791 Pulse Generator Input Module for Memory HiCorders Add to Cart


MR8790 Hioki MR8790 Waveform Generator Input Module for Memory HiCorders Add to Cart


L9795-01 Hioki L9795-01 Connection Cable SMB to Alligator Clip, 1.5 m Add to Cart


L9795-02 Hioki L9795-02 Connection Cable, SMB to BNC, 1.5 m Add to Cart


9790-02 Hioki 9790-02 Grabber Clip, Connects to the LR9790 Add to Cart


L9790-01 Hioki L979001 Alligator Clip Set, (Red/Black) Add to Cart


9790-03 Hioki 9790-03 Contact Pin, Connects to the LR9790 Add to Cart


9243 Hioki 9243 Grabber Clips, Red and Black Add to Cart
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L9198 Hioki L9198 Connection Cord, 300V Input Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (4.76 MB)
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