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Hioki PR8112

2-Pen Chart Recording Oscilloscope for DC Voltage Signals

Brand: Hioki
Model No: PR8112
Our Model No: PR8112
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 2-Pen model (1 red pen and 1 green pen)
  • Measure up to 250 V with high 1 mV sensitivity
  • Easily portable, compact size
  • Support for three power sources, can be powered with dry-cell batteries
  • Outdoor-ready, ships with a drip-proof cover
  • Pen-based, records data reliably
  • Easy enough for anyone to use

The Hioki PR8112 Pen Recorder is suited for applications where keeping analog records of measurement data are still required for complying with company standards. The PR8112 has 2 felt recording pens.

  • 1 - Felt pen (red)
  • 1 - Felt pen (green)
  • 1 - Fanfold of Recording paper
  • 1 - AC Adapter
  • 1 - Front Cover
  • 1 - Drip-proof cover
  • 1 - User manual
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SE-10Z-2 Hioki SE-10Z-2 Recording Chart Paper for Hioki Pen Recorders, 10 Fanfold Stacks per Box Add to Cart


SE-10 Hioki SE-10 Recording Chart Paper for Hioki Pen Recorders, 10 Rolls per Box Add to Cart


P-1201A Hioki P-1201A Felt Pen for Pen Recorders, Red Color Add to Cart


P-1202A Hioki P-1202A Felt Pen for Pen Recorders, Green Color Add to Cart


P-1203A Hioki P-1203A Felt Pen for Pen Recorders, Blue Color Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.26 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (844 KB)
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