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Hioki 3504-50
Capacitance HiTESTER

  • High speed measurement of 2ms
  • Supports C measurements with voltage dependency characteristics through the use of constant voltage testing (CV)
  • BIN function is ideal for sorting machines
  • Contact error is constantly monitored during measurement, contributing to increased yield
  • Intuitive operation with LED indicators
  • Trigger-synchronous output
  • Contact-checking functions included
  • RS-232C and GP-IB interface
  • Enhanced Contact-Checking Functions
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Product Information
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The Hioki 3504-50 C HiTESTER is a measurement instrument that can measure capacitance with constant voltage, making it ideal for testing large-capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). The high-speed measurement performance of the standard comparator and BIN functions are well-suited for high speed MLCC measurement. The Hioki 3504-50 features a compact body with a easy to read LED display.
Measurement Items C (capacitance), D (loss coefficient)
Measurement Frequency 120 Hz or 1kHz
Accuracy : ± 0.01% or better
Measurement Signal Level Constant voltage mode:  500 mV and 1 V
CV 1V measurement ranges: up to 70 μF range (1 kHz); up to 0.7 mF range (120 Hz)
CV 500 mV measurement ranges: up to 170 μF range (1 kHz), up to 1.45 mF range (120 Hz)
Signal level accuracy: ±10% ±5 mV(2)
Open terminal voltage mode: 100 mV*1, 500 mV and 1 V
Measurement range: Other than the above
Output resistance: approx. 5Ω
Signal level accuracy: ±10% ±5 mV
Range of measurable values C: 0.9400 pF to 20.0000 mF
D: 0.00001 to 1.99999
Equivalent circuit mode Series/parallel equivalent-circuit mode (Auto/Manual)
Measurement time Nominal 2 ms (1 kHz, FAST)(The measurement time differs depending on the measurement frequency and measurement speed that are set.)
Measurement speed FAST / NORMAL / SLOW
Trigger function Internal and external trigger sources can be selected.
Trigger delay 0 to 9.999 s (at 0.001 s resolution)
Compensation Open, Short, Load and Offset compensation, Self-calibrating
Averaging function 1 to 256
Trigger-synchronous output function Function to apply a measurement signal only when performing measurement.
Key-lock function The key lock can be set and cancelled by key operation on the front panel
Memory function Up to 32,000 measurement values can be stored in the instrument (Downloadable by GP-IB and RS-232C)
Panel save and load Up to 99 sets of measurement conditions can be saved. Load method: Key operation, external I/O.
Audible beeper The beeper can be set on or off according to the comparator evaluation result (“IN” or “NG”) and Bin decision result.
Interface Models 3504-50, 3504-60: RS-232C, GP-IB, EXT I/O (standard)Model 3504-40: RS-232C, EXT I/O (standard)
Display device LED
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3504-50 Hioki 3504-50 C HiTESTER (120 Hz and 1kHz) with GP-IB Buy Now $3,570.00
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Spare Fuse
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9143 Hioki 9143 Pincher Probe for LCR Discontinued
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