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Hioki IM9100

SMD Test Fixture for LCR meters and Impedance Analyzers

Status: Not Available
Brand: Hioki
Model No: IM9100
Our Model No: IM9100
Condition: NEW


Not Available

Product Features:

  • Direct connection type
  • For measuring SMDs with electrodes on the bottom
  • DC to 8MHz measurement frequency
  • Measurable sample sizes: 01005 to 0402 (EIA), 0402 to 1005 (JIS)
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
  • 1 - Short supplement jig
  • 2 - Open Supplement jig
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IM3533 Hioki IM3533 LCR Meter, 1 mHz to 200 kHz, High Speed Measurement of up to 2 ms Add to Cart


IM3533-01 Hioki IM3533-01 LCR Meter with Frequency Sweep Testing, High Speed Measurement up to 2 ms Add to Cart


IM3523 Hioki IM3523 LCR Meter, 40Hz to 200 kHz, High Speed Measurement up to 2 ms Add to Cart


3511-50 Hioki 3511-50 Compact, Dual Band 120Hz/1kHz LCR HiTester Add to Cart


IM3590 Hioki IM3590 Electro-Chemical Impedance Analyzer, Wide Band 1mHz to 200 kHz Add to Cart


IM3536 Hioki IM3536 General Purpse LCR Meter, DC 4 Hz to 8 MHz Add to Cart


IM3570 Hioki IM3570 Impedance Analyzer, Wide Band 4Hz-5Mz for High Speed Testing and Frequency Sweeping Add to Cart


Manual: PDF Document Icon (2.72 MB)
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