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Hioki SR-2

Standard Resistor Calibration Box for Super Megohmmeters

Brand: Hioki
Model No: SR-2
Our Model No: SR2
Condition: NEW


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Product Features:

  • Max. voltage: 1,000 V DC
  • Resistor value: 10 MOhms to 10,000 MOhms
  • 24 ultra-precision resistor points

The Hioki SR-2 is for calibrating various types of super megohmmeters, consisting of 24 ultra-precision resistors encased in a sealed metal case. Each element can be connected on the terminal plate in various combinations as required.

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SM-8213 Hioki SM-8213 Super Megohmmeter, 5V-100V DC Add to Cart


SM-8215 Hioki SM-8215 Super Megohmmeter, 50V-1000V DC Add to Cart


SM-8220 Hioki SM-8220 Super Megohmmeter, 10V-1000V DC Add to Cart


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