Hanna Instruments PCA320-1 Free & total chlorine, pH, and temperature Analyzer/Control is no longer available.

  • Implements the DPD colorimetric method to determine free or total chlorine concentration
  • Proportional control of pH monitoring
  • One point calibration of photometric cell
  • Out of range measurement and self-diagnostic system alarms
  • Up to two point pH calibration and in-line pH electrode calibration support
  • Parameter control through analog output or dedicated relays
  • Control time cycles adjustable between 3 to 90 minutes
  • Logging space of up to of 3500 measurements and alarm status
  • Proportional control of chlorine concentration
  • Multi-language support
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The Hanna Instruments PCA 320 series models are chlorine, bromine or iodine and pH, ORP and temperature process analyzers which continuously monitor a sample stream and control the dosing to adjust the chlorine, bromine or iodine content and pH. From drinking and wastewater treatment to the pool and spa sanitation, the monitoring of chlorine, bromine or iodine levels has an important bearing on public health as well as ROI and efficiency for heating system and industrial applications.

The Hanna Instruments PCA320 monitors the Free & total chlorine, pH, and temperature Analyzer/Control in the 0 to 5.0 mg/L range. In the DPD Colorimetric method, N, N-Diethyl-p-phenylene-Diamine indicator and a buffer are mixed with the sample. Free available chlorine oxidizes the DPD indicator reagent at a pH between 6.3 and 6.6 to form a magenta colored compound. The intensity of the resulting color is proportional to the concentration of chlorine in the sample. The purpose of the buffer solution is to maintain the proper pH.

In total chlorine measurement (free available chlorine plus combined chloramines), potassium iodide is added. The chloramines in the sample cause the iodide ions to become iodine which reacts with free chlorine to oxidize the DPD indicator. A pH of 5.1 is required for this reaction. Thus total chlorine measurements require a different buffer solution containing potassium iodide. Once the chemical reaction is completed, the optical signal at 555 nm is compared to the signal measured through the sample before the reagents were added. From these measurements chlorine concentration is calculated and shown on the display.

Indicator and buffer reagent bottles for the Hanna Instruments PCA 320 are placed directly into the instrument case. With a sampling period of 5 minutes, reagents need only to be replenished about once a month.

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PCA320-1  Hanna Instruments PCA320-1 Free & total chlorine, pH, and temperature Analyzer/Control Not Available
Included Accessories
  • 2 - Reagent Bottles
  • 2 - Reagent Caps
  • 1 - 1 DPD compound powder
  • 1 - Tubing
  • 1 - Instructions
Optional Accessories
HI70480 Hanna Instruments HI 70480 Free Chlorine Buffer and Indicator Reagents set for PCA series Not Available
Calibration and Buffer Solutions
HI7004L Hanna Instruments HI 7004L pH 4.01 buffer solution @ 25°C, 0.46 Liter bottle Not Available
HI7006L Hanna Instruments HI 7006L 6.86 pH Buffer Solution @ 25°C, 0.46 Liter bottle Not Available
HI7007L Hanna Instruments HI 7007L pH 7.01 buffer solution @ 25°C, 0.46 Liter bottle Not Available
HI7009L Hanna Instruments HI 7009L pH 9.18 buffer solution @ 25°C, 0.46 Liter Meter Not Available
HI7010L Hanna Instruments HI 7010L pH 10.01 buffer solution @ 25°C, 0.46 Liter Bottle Not Available
HI7082 Hanna Instruments HI 7082 3.5M KCl electrolyte for double-junction electrode, 4 Pack of 30 mL bottle Not Available
HI70300L Hanna Instruments HI 70300L Storage solution for pH/ORP electrodes, 0.46 Liter Bottle Buy Now Sale $10.82
(Reg. $14.00)
HI70461 Hanna Instruments HI 70461 Total Chlorine Buffer solution for PCA 310, PCA 320 and PCA 330 Not Available