Hanna Instruments Easy Connection Electrodes

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pH Electrode
HI1090B/5 Hanna Instruments HI 1090B/5 Combination Glass-body pH Electrode with BNC Connection and 5 m Cable Not Available
HI1090T Hanna Instruments HI 1090T Combo Glass-body pH Electrode, 3 bar max pressure & T-type connection Not Available
HI1210B/5 Hanna Instruments HI 1210B/5 Combination PEI-body pH Electrode with BNC connection and 5 m cable Not Available
pH/ORP Electrode
HI1297D Hanna Instruments HI 1297D pH/ORP Electrode for Water Treatment Applications, 0 to 13 PH, ORP Not Available
HI3131B Hanna Instruments HI 3131B Refillable Combo ORP Electrode for Titration/Laboratory, BNC Connection Not Available
HI3148B Hanna Instruments HI 3148B ORP SMART Electrode with CPS for Wine Not Available
HI3214P Hanna Instruments HI 3214P Spare ORP Electrode for ORP Indicators Not Available
HI3230B Hanna Instruments HI 3230B ORP Electrode for Municipal Water and Quality Control, BNC Connection Not Available