Hanna Instruments HI 3889 Iron (0-5 mg/L) and Total Hardness (40-500 mg/L) Test Kit is no longer available.

  • Method: Colorimetric
  • Titration
  • Range: Fe: 0-5 mg/L
  • Total Hardness:40-500 mg/L
  • Smallest Increment: Fe: 1 mg/L, Total Hardness: 20 mg/L
  • Chemical Method: Phenanthroline & EDTA
  • Number of Tests: approx. 50 ea.
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The Hanna Instruments HI 3889 is a Easy to use Iron and Total Hardness Test Kit. Iron is naturally present in water in low concentrations, but it reaches high concentrations in wastewater effluents. The iron concentration in water needs to be monitored because it becomes harmful above certain levels.

In domestic water, for instance, iron can unpleasantly alter the taste, stain laundry, damage kitchenware and favor the growth of certain bacteria. Iron is also an indicator of ongoing corrosion in industrial plants or in water cooling and heating systems. Moreover, iron is normally monitored in mining wastewater to avoid contamination. Generally, ground and surface water contains no more than 1 mg/L (ppm) iron; but due to mining and industrial drainage, higher levels of iron have been observed. Iron in water appears to be more of a nuisance than a hazard.

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HI3889  Hanna Instruments HI 3889 Iron (0-5 mg/L) and Total Hardness (40-500 mg/L) Test Kit Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 2 - Color Comparison Cubes
  • 1 - 20 mL Reagent 1
  • 1 - 15 mL Reagent 2
  • 1 - 25 mL HI 3881-0 pH 6.0-8.5 Reagent