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Hamlet MACH2-MPU

Microflex Multiformat Handheld Waveform, Vector, and Audio Monitor and Generator

Brand: Hamlet
Model No: MACH2-MPU
Our Model No: MACH2MPU
Condition: NEW
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One or more Input Module Purchase required for main unit to function

Product Features:

  • At least one input module purchase required for main unit to function
  • Redesigned faster and low cost main unit
  • World's smallest hand held HD SDI, SD SDI & composite capable measuring and monitoring and generation instrument
  • Data and gamut analysis, time code logging of assigned errors
  • Easy access to full functionality: Parade (YCrCb), 2H, H, Hmag, 2V, V, Vmag, Full field line select, Bow tie, Ext - ref, HFT - (Hands Free Timing), Filtering
  • Coloured displays of waveforms, vectors audio bar graphs and phase display
  • Select audio source, bar graph type, peak hold, de-emphasis
  • Picture display in 4:3 or 16:9
  • Built-in monitoring speaker, output jack
  • Operator and factory store and recall presets
  • Patented proprietary 10 bit processing of all signals
  • Computer remote control, up/downloads data via the USB port
  • Internal battery or 12 VDC powered, mains adapter included

The Hamlet MicroFlex Mach2-MPU re-establishes the base line for portable Test and Measure equipment with an incredible return on investment.

Mach numbers depend on the composition of the surrounding medium, especially pressure. The pressure on end users budgets is well known to Hamlet so they have re-invented the award winning MicroFlex with a new build, reducing cost and offering combination option module sets and a carry case all included. The MicroFlex Mach2 is the latest addition to the world's smallest multi-format multi-standard handheld waveform, vector, audio, and picture monitor range.

With a professionally expected switch on and ready to go operation, industry standard display features, patented measurement, alarms and logging of illegal values, gamut errors, lock status, ancillary data packets, full filed CRC, Chroma CRC, Luma CRC, Active Picture CRC, line numbering errors, end of active video and start of active video status – as well as built in EYE pattern display and measurement if required, all at an unbeatable price.

With custom designed processing and gate arrays and the added advantage of a lower cost with the same small size and accuracy makes the Mach2MPU the ideal choice. The built-in 3.5" diagonal high quality VGA (640 x 480) TFT display shows the picture in 4:3 or 16:9 format. It shows conventional waveform, vector and audio displays together with data analysis. Easy to plug-in option modules allow operation in all current formats; enable future standards to be accommodated and allowing easy upgrade for the user at any time. A carry case is now included, as is the module option pouch.

The Hamlet MicroFlex Mach2 unit is capable of analysis, measurement and monitoring 3G, HD, SD and composite video signals and audio in its embedded or AES/EBU formats and can generate HD and SD SDI video and audio signals dependant on the module installed.

Waveform, Vector, EYE pattern, Audio and Picture can be monitored and measured.

There is a headphone socket and a speaker on the base so the decoded audio can be monitored. Computer downloads and data uploads are via USB.

Using the WFM/GEN module with the Mach2-MPU, video and audio generation is available simultaneously with the monitoring and measurement allowing a closed loop testing environment to be set up with the device/system under test. With an ergonomically designed machined aluminium case, it has an operating time of over 2 hours on 6 x AA batteries or from the supplied 12V power adaptor.

  • 1 - Mach 2
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - Option Pouch
  • 1 - Power Supply
Model Description Buy Now Price
Internal Module Options
At least one input module purchase required for main unit to function
MACH2-3G/HD/SD+EYE Hamlet MACH2-3G/HD/SD+EYE *Internal Option* Auto-Sensing 3G/HD/SD module including EYE display Add to Cart


MACH2-3G/HD/SD Hamlet MACH2-3G/HD/SD *Internal Option* Auto-Sensing 3G/HD/SD module Add to Cart


MACH2-HD/SD+EYE Hamlet MACH2-HD/SD+EYE *Internal Option* Auto-Sensing HD/SD module including EYE display Add to Cart


MACH2-HD/SD+TSG Hamlet MACH2-HD/SD+TSG *Internal Option* Auto-Sensing HD/SD module including test signal generator Add to Cart


MACH2-HD/SD Hamlet MACH2-HD/SD *Internal Option* Auto-Sensing HD/SD module Add to Cart


MACH2-SD/CST Hamlet MACH2-SD/CST *Internal Option* Auto-Sensing SD/Composite module Add to Cart


Model Description Buy Now Price
MACH2-CC Hamlet MACH2-CC Carrying Case for the Microflex Mach2 Add to Cart


MACH2-Pouch Hamlet MACH2-POUCH Option Pouch for the Microflex Mach2 Carry Case Add to Cart


MACH2-Wrap Hamlet MACH2-WRAP Option Wrap for the Microflex Mach2 Carry Case Add to Cart


MACH2-PSU Hamlet MACH2-PSU 12V External Power Supply for the MicroFlex Mach2 Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (313 KB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (461 KB)
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