Hameg HM507
Analog/Digital Oscilloscope
with Autoset, Readout and Cursor, 2 X 50 MHz

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Product Information
Datasheet 70 KB PDF
Manual 1.6 MB PDF
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  • 2GSa/s Random Sampling Rate
  • 100MS/s Real Time Sampling Rate
  • 2 Channels, DC-50MHz, 1mV-20V/div., Component Tester
  • 100MHz Frequency & Period Measure 4 Digit Resolution
  • 7 Automatic Measurement Routines, Built-in Calibrate Menu
  • 9 Different Instrument Settings in Nonvolatile Memory
  • Autoset, Readout, Cursor Measurement, Save/Recall, RS-232 Interface

The Hameg HM507 Analog/Digital Oscilloscope with Autoset, Readout and Cursor, 2 X 50 MHz features 50 MHz bandwidth capability in analog and digital mode, which is unique in its price range. According to the measurement task, the user can select between the advantages of analog or digital by pressing one pushbutton. The CRT display with its extremely high resolution, offers unsurpassed signal display quality in combination with an unmatched display update rate.

In digital mode, the Hameg HM-507 can display each signal with 2000 samples (200 samples/div). The high X resolution also has the effect that, in comparison with LC and raster scan displays, the sampling rate in each comparable time base setting is significantly higher. This reduces the danger of alias signal display.

The ability to record even very low frequency signals down to 1 mHz and single events, together with Pre or Post Trigger, are examples of the advantages of digital mode. Additionally in digital mode, signal processing (average, envelope) can be performed as well as signal documentation in combination with external devices (e.g. PC) via the built in RS-232 interface. A suitable software program is supplied with the scope.

In addition to real time sampling, the Hameg HM 507 Analog/Digital Oscilloscope offers random sampling as well; the latter function allows you to record repetitive signals up to 50 MHz. The demands for a distortion free "probe tip to screen" signal display are met by the low noise, 8 bit flash A/D converters, avoiding noise problems typical for CCD and analog array converters. Two non volatile reference memories allow the comparison of signals with those already stored in memory.

Autoset significantly eases instrument operation; briefly pressing this button automatically optimizes the instrument setting for almost any signal, and manual adjustments are only required for special cases (e.g. complex signals).

Save/Recall allows you to store and recall 9 different instrument settings in a non volatile memory. Front panel settings and selected features are alphanumerically displayed on the screen (Readout). For example the results of cursor independent automatic measurement of frequency, period, dc- or ac voltages. Voltage, time, frequency, phase angle, gain, rise time, ratio X and ratio Y can be determined by manual cursor measurement in analog and digital mode. In the latter mode cursor supported rms and mean value measurement as well as a count function are available too. Probe factor input (x1 and x10) enables the correct display of deflection coefficients and voltages, without annoying calculation. The built-in calibrate menu allows closed-case adjustment procedures of the vertical-, trigger- and storage amplifiers. In its class Hameg HM507 offers unique characteristics for measurement and documentation.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Now Price
HM507 Hameg HM507 Analog/Digital Oscilloscope with Autoset, Readout and Cursor, 2 X 50 MHz Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Line Cord
  • 1 - PC Software (CD-ROM)
  • 2 - 1:1/10:1 Probes
  • 1 - Operators Manual
Optional Accessories
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