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Hameg HM8026
Wow and Flutter Meter,

  • 2 Measurement Frequencies: 3150 Hz and 3000 Hz
  • Resolution: 0.001% for W&F, 0.01% for Drift
  • 3 Digit LED Display
  • 2-Sigma Mode for W&F
  • Monitor Outputs for FFT Analyzer and Recorder
  • Reference Signal for Personal Recordings
  • Requires HM8001-2 Mainframe Unit for operation

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The W&F Meter HM8026 was developed for the measurement of speed drift, wow and flutter in analog magnetic recorders, and phonograph turntables. Measurements can be performed in compliance with either DIN/IEC or JIS. The latest releases of proposals for the DIN-standards have been incorporated. The meter's operating range permits measurements according to standards requiring either 3,000Hz or 3,150Hz test tapes.

Operation of the W&F Meter has been kept consistently simple and user-friendly to facilitate effective and error-free operation. Required combinations of standards and test frequency are automatically selected, which eliminates the need for separate calibration. Wow and Flutter measurements are done automatically, when the start button is depressed. The measured value is stored and displayed on the three digit LED display. A self-test function permits checkout of the accuracy of the instrument.

A crystal-controlled reference signal allows recordings to be made that meet the requirements of DIN 45500. In addition, the HM8026 is equipped with two AC monitor outputs for connecting an FFT analyzer or a storage oscilloscope.

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