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Hameg HMF2525
25 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

  • Frequency range 10μHz-25MHz
  • Output voltage 5mVpp-10Vpp (into 50Ω) DC Offset ± 5mV-5V
  • Arbitrary waveform generator: 250MSa/s, 14Bit, 256kPts
  • Sine, Square, Pulse, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary waveforms incl. standard curves (white, pink noise etc.)
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.04% (f‹100kHz)
  • Burst, Sweep, Gating, external Trigger
  • Rise time ‹8ns, in pulse mode 8ns...500ns variable-edge-time
  • Pulse mode: Frequency range 100μHz-12.5MHz pulse width 10ns-999s, resolution 5ns
  • Modulation modes AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK (int. and ext.)
  • 10MHz Timebase: ± 1ppm TCXO, rear I/O BNC connector
  • Front USB connector: save & recall of set-ups and waveforms
  • 3.5" TFT: crisp representation of the waveform and all parameters
  • USB/RS-232 Dual-Interface, optional Ethernet/USB or IEEE-488

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HMF2525 Hameg HMF2525 (25-2525-0000) 25 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator Buy Now Sale $1,962.13
(Reg. $2,257.86)
Options and Accessories
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