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Hameg Discontinued Items

Model Description Buy Online Price
HM10082 Hameg HM1008-2 100 MHz 2 Channel CombiScope, 1GSa/s, 1MPts per channel Readout Cursor, Frequency Counter and USB/RS232 Discontinued
HM15002 Hameg HM1500-2, 2 Channels 150 MHz, Readout, Cursor, Frequency Counter, RS-232 Discontinued
HM15082 Hameg HM1508-2 150 MHz 2+2 Channel Mixed Signal CombiScope, 1GSa/s, 1MPts per channel Readout Cursor, Frequency Counter USB/RS-232 Interface, USB-Stick Connector Discontinued
Replaced by:
HM20052 Hameg HMO2022 200MHz, 2 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, up to 8 Logic -Channels, 2 GSa/s, 1 MPtS/Channel Discontinued
see: HMO2022
HM2008 Hameg HM2008 2 Channel (plus 4 Logic Channels with Option HO2010) 200 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 2 Discontinued
HM3036 Hameg HM303-6 2 Ch. 35 MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/Component Tester, 2 X 35 MHz Discontinued
Replaced by: Hameg HM400
HM400 Hameg HM400 40MHz, 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope Discontinued
See: HMO1002
HM404 Hameg HM404 2 Ch. 40 MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/Autoset, Readout, Save/Recall Discontinued
HM1000 Hameg HM1000 100 MHz 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope Discontinued
HM10043 Hameg HM1004-3 2 Ch. 100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, dual timebase, Readout/Cursor, 2 X 100 MHz Discontinued
See: HM1000
HM1500 Hameg HM1500 2 Channel 150 MHz Oscilloscope, Readout, Cursor, Frequency Counter Discontinued
See: BK Oscilloscopes
HM15073 Hameg HM1507-3 2 Ch. 150 MHz, 200 MS/s Analog/Digital Oscilloscope, 2 X 150 MHz Discontinued
See: HM1508
HM407 2 Ch. 40 MHz, 100 MS/s Analog/Digital Oscilloscope  Discontinued
HM5005 Spectrum Analyzer, 0.15-500 MHz Discontinued
HM5006 Spectrum Analyzer, 0.15-500 MHz, with Tracking Generator Discontinued
HM50122 Hameg HM5012-2 Spectrum Analyzer, 0.15-1050 MHz Discontinued
See: HM5510
HM5033 Hameg-Branded 2650 Handheld 3.3GHz Spectrum Analyzer Discontinued
HM50142 Hameg HM5014-2 150 kHz to 1050 MHz Spectrum Analyzers Discontinued
HM504-2 Hameg HM504-2 Oscilloscope, 2x50 MHz with Autoset, Readout and Cursor Discontinued
HM507 Hameg HM507 Analog/Digital Oscilloscope with Autoset, Readout and Cursor, 2 X 50 MHz Discontinued
HM5510 Hameg HM5510 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Discontinued
See: HMS1000
HM5511 Hameg HM-5511 Spectrum Analyzer, Including Tracking Generator Discontinued
See: HMS1010
HM5530 Hameg HM5530 100 kHz to 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Discontinued
HM6042 Hameg HM6042 Transistor Curve Tracer Discontinued
HM7042 Triple Power Supply 2x0-32V / 1x2.7-5.5V Discontinued
HM7044 Hameg HM7044 Quadruple High-Performance Power Supply 4x 0-32 V/3 A, Sense and RS-232 Interface Discontinued
See: HMP4040
HM7044G Hameg HM7044G Quadruple High-Performance Power Supply 4x 0-32 V/3 A, GPIB Discontinued
See: HMP4040
HM80113 Hameg HM8011-3 Digital Multimeter, 4 1/2 Digits, Including HZ15 Discontinued
HM8014 Hameg HM8014, Milliohm Meter, incl. HZ17 Discontinued
HM8026 Hameg HM8026 Wow and Flutter Meter Discontinued
HM8115-2 Hameg HM8115-2 Programmable Power Meter Discontinued
HM8143G Hameg HM8143G Arbitrary Power Supply 2x 0-30 V/1 A + 5 V/2 A , includes Fuse, Tracking, GPIB option Discontinued
See: HM8143
HM8027 Hameg HM8027 Distortion Meter Discontinued
HM8032 Hameg HM8032 Sinewave Generator, 20Hz...20 MHz Discontinued
HM8035 Hameg HM8035 Pulse Generator (0.05 Hz - 5 MHz) Discontinued
HM8037 Hameg HM8037 Low Distortion Sinewave Generator, 5 Hz - 50 MHz Discontinued
HM8042 Hameg HM8042 Curve Tracer Discontinued
HM8122 Hameg HM8122 Universal Counter, DC - 1.6 GHz, 9 Digits Discontinued
See: HM8123
HM8125 GPS Time/Frequency Standard, incl. RS232 Interface Discontinued
HM81302 Hameg HM8130-2 Function Generator, 10 mHz - 10 MHz Discontinued
HM81312 Hameg HM8131-2 Function Generator Discontinued
HM8142 Hameg HM8142 Triple Power Supply, 2X30V/1A + 5V/2A Discontinued
HMO1022 Hameg HMO1022 100MHz, 2 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, up to 8 Logic -Channels, 2 GSa/s, 1 MPtS/Channel, Vert. 1mV ... 10 V/div, USB/RS-232, USB-Stick Connector Discontinued
HO796 Hameg HO79-6 Multifunction-Interface (HM305-2, HM407, HM1507) Discontinued
HO85 Hameg HO85 OCXO, Accuracy +/-5x10-9/day for HM8134-3 and HM8123 Discontinued
HO831 Hameg Memory Card 1MB for HM8131 Discontinued
HZ154 Hameg HZ154 Switchable Probe, 1:1/10:1 (100 MHz) Discontinued
HZ200 Hameg HZ200 Probe 10:1 (250MHz) with auto attenuation ID (1 piece) Discontinued
HZ23 Attenuator 2:1; BNC-male/BNC-female Discontinued
HZ541 1 GHz VSWR Measuring Bridge for HM5014-2 Discontinued
HZ56 Hameg Memory Card 1MB for HM8131 Discontinued
HZ56-2 Hameg HZ56-2 Current Probe Discontinued
HZ72L Hameg IEEE 488 Bus Cable, 60" Discontinued
HZ68 Remote Control for Oscilloscopes (HM304, 604, 1004, 1505, 1507) Discontinued
HZO91 Hameg HZO91 19" Rackmount Kit 4RU for HMO72x/102x/152x/202x Discontinued
HZ70 Hameg HZ70 Optical Interface (RS232) for HM5012/5014 Discontinued